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15 Must Get Australian Souvenirs For Foodies

Because your family are going to enjoy those delicious chocolates way more than a boomerang keyring...

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1. Tim Tams

Who to buy them for: Any sweet tooth...All the sweet tooths

Where to find them: Woolworths, Coles, for the love of god, not the airport gift shop

No doubt, if you've had a friend visit Australia before, they have brought you back some of these national icons. The great thing about Tim Tams is that there is a constant flow of new flavours, some tasty, some sickly sweet, all fun! On a roughly annual basis, you will see special edition collaborations made with other iconic Australian food brands (for example Gelato Messina currently). Just remember to always avoid paying full price. If they're not on sale at Coles, they will be at Woolworths (and vice-versa). Aim to pay around $2.50'per pack.

2. Kangaroo Jerky

A / Via

Who to buy them for: Fans of non-sweet snacking who enjoy something new

Where to find them: Woolworths Town Hall (Sydney), Shells & Gifts Melbourne, The German Pantry (Hahndoft, SA), local food and produce markets

Australians are often criticised for eating their national animals, but if it's tasty, lean and found in abundance, then why not! Jerky is healthy and high in protein, which can't be said for many tasty snacks. Getting kangaroo, emu and crocodile jerky is pretty unique to Australia. Billabong Jerky is the easiest to find, but don't forget to check small food markets ans gourmet halls.

4. Haighs Chocolates

InsideSouthAustralia / Via

Who to buy them for: The chocolate connoisseur

Where to find them: Haighs stores in various locations around SA, NSW and VIC (see the factory in Adelaide)

Australia has no shortage of options when it comes to fine chocolates; but Haighs is truly an institution. Handmade in Adelaide since 1915, Haighs specialises in packeted and chocolate blocks as well as loose pieces. For an Australian twist, purchase the Australian collection gift pack (with flavours like wattle-seed and quangdong), coated macadamias or honeycomb blocks. Good news for coeliacs, a large range is gluten free.

5. Coffee Beans


Who to buy them for: The coffee geek

Where to find them: The local coffee roaster (they're everywhere)

Australian coffee makers, like Scandinavian have established a cult like status overseas due to their unique craft. Every Australian city (and most towns) will have no shortage of cafes roasting their own beans. Some of the bigger ones are Campos, Sensory Lab and Toby's Estate, but try to branch out and buy from any local cafe serving coffee you like the flavour of.

6. Vegemite

Graham Denholm / Getty Images / Via

Who to buy them for: Everyone!

Where to find them: Woolworths, Coles

Yep. You knew this one was going to turn up on the list sooner or later. Vegemite taste, but that doesn't mean that you shouldn't give it to all of your friends to taste, tell them that's it's a chocolate-based spread (compare it to Nutella), then watch them lather their piece of bread with about 5x the recommended amount. But seriously, when done right (a thin layer paired with avocado, cheese, or by its lonesome), it can be delicious and has considerable health benefits too.

7. Wine


Who to buy them for: Anyone who appreciates a good quality drop

Where to find them: Dan Murphy, First Choice, Camperdown Cellars (Sydney), The Wine Society, Winery Cellar Doors

Australian wine regions are ranked amongst the best in the world, and a day spent winery hopping is a great way to meet locals, see the countryside and, of course, find the perfect souvenir. Think the Barossa Valley/ McLaren Vale regions for big bold reds (shiraz in particular), or the Hunter and Yarra Valleys for white varieties. Bonus: wine regions tend to have an abundance of other local gourmet foods like cheeses, meats and baked goods.

8. Muesli

Saya R. / Via

Who to buy them for: The breakfast fan

Where to find them: Local food and produce markets, Whisk and Pin, Foodland (Adelaide), Harris Farm (Sydney), Jocelyn's Provisions (Brisbane)

Muesli is big business in Australia. If you think that the muesli world is limited to plain, fruit and toasted, then you are in for a treat! Different fruit, nut, grain and seed combinations make a rich range between different brands including organic and gluten free offerings.

9. Caramello Koalas


Who to buy them for: The sweet tooth that loves caramel (who doesn't!)

Where to find them: Woolworths, Coles

A simple, yet effective treat. A koala (yes, very Aussie), made of delicious Cadbury's chocolate, filled with oozy caramel.

10. Beerenberg Sauces

Leo Edwards / Via

Who to buy them for: The cook

Where to find them: Woolworths, Coles, Harris Farm (Sydney)

Australians like their sauces; BBQ, sweet chilli, Worcestershire, honey mustard, even the simple, yet tasty, tomato. Instead of buying the sugar-loaded, mass-produced brands, try Beerenberg's slightly less sugar-loaded but also natural ingredient inclusive gourmet sauce range. The tomato is possibly the favourite, but the BBQ is fairly uniquely Australian.

11. Jelly Lollies


Who to buy them for: The sweet tooth...sweet tooths need a lot of gifts, okay

Where to find them: Woolworths, Coles

Jelly lollies found in Australia just aren't the same as the jubes and gummies found else where. They have a different texture and (arguably) better flavours. Try Natural Confectionery Company and Allens. Like Tims Tams, if you pay full price for these, you are doing something wrong. Look out for the sales.

12. Milo

Paul Carracher / Via

Who to buy them for: Allegedly children and active people, but anyone who likes a sweet drink really

Where to find them: Woolworths, Coles

You have milk with your Milo, not the other way around. Although available in several countries, this chocolate malt started in Australia over 80 years ago. It can be enjoyed with milk as a breakfast drink, a dessert or a wholesome snack, either hot or cold. If you want to get extra fancy, sprinkle it over your ice cream.

13. Maggie Beer's Fruit Paste


Who to buy them for: The gourmet foodie

Where to find them: Foodland (Adelaide), Woolworths

If you're in the Barossa Valley region (for say, some wine tasting), make the effort to drop into Maggie Beer's Farm Shop, where you can taste all of her wonderful products before you buy them, and even enjoy some lunch. The fruit pastes are particularly notable and can be enjoyed with cheese.

14. Spirits


Who to buy them for: The gin/whisky/vodka enthusiast

Where to find them: Dan Murphy, First Choice, Camperdown Cellars (Sydney)

In recent years, Australia has become kind of kick arse in the craft spirits industry. While the distilleries themselves are a little more difficult to find than craft beer breweries, you can try the awesome Archie & Rose' bar just out of the Sydney CBD, the cosy Nant bar in Hobart or Staward in Melbourne. On the shelves, look out for Mr. Black Espresso Liqueur, Hippocampus Gin, Four Pillars Shiraz Gin, Black Gate Whisky or Applewood aperetifs and experimental gins.

15. Honey

Discover Tasmania / Via

Who to buy them for: The health freak (Manuka!) or just the sweet tooth again

Where to find them: Local food and produce markets, Thomas Dux, Harris Farm (Sydney), The Tasmanian Honey Company (Perth)

Tasmania's leatherwood honey is constantly winning awards worldwide due to it's unique and spicy flavour. It's uniqueness it's owed to it's source; ancient leatherwood trees which grow only in the forests of Tasmania. Aside from the taste, both leatherwood and manuka honey are said to have a range of health benefits. Don't look too much into them, just eat the honey, and assume it's good for you.

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