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23 Reasons Chicago Is The Definition Of Amazing

Chi-ca-go. Noun. The most amazing city on Earth. Choose Chicago for an epic and amazingly good time.

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1. First of all, the city is drop-dead gorgeous.

@toandfrom / Via

2. And SO incredibly photogenic.

@valeriebriee / Via

3. The city greets you (or bids you farewell) with a spectacular free light show.

@visualmonk / Via

Found in O'Hare International Airport!

4. It knows how to rock every season...

@khanhuyen_tran / Via

5. ...especially summer, thanks to its sunny, sandy beaches!

@toandfrom / Via

It feels like the ocean, but you won't have to worry about sharks or jellyfish!

6. (And, of course, the cute dogs that hang out by the water.)

@lindseynsun / Via

7. It's the only city in the world where you can stand underneath a shiny bean that weighs 110 tons.

@anjoaguilar / Via

And take selfies of your trippy reflection.

8. And the only city in the world where eating pizza piled with two inches of cheese, sauce, and toppings is totally normal.

@loganaimone / Via

9. You'll find famous public art in every corner.

@kelandkate / Via

Like this Picasso sculpture in Daley Plaza!

10. And the architecture is on fleek.

@artistsonthelam / Via

11. You can look over the city and see this:

@brandonexplores / Via

12. And you can see concerts in this awesome building:

@bwootla / Via

The Pritzker Pavilion in Millennium Park has FREE shows and movie screenings all summer!

13. AND you can hang out at the top of one of the tallest buildings in the world!

@quake18 / Via

The view from the The Skydeck and The Ledge is epic.

14. Colorful fireworks explode over Lake Michigan every single week.

@trin1603 / Via

See them up close at Navy Pier!

15. You can boat or kayak right through the center of the city.

@ryanpostel / Via

16. The public transportation is aboveground, giving you spectacular views of every part of the city.

@am_bayard / Via

Take the "L" as much as you can!

17. And the entire city is made of awesome and unique neighborhoods.

@acmillerphoto / Via

This is Wicker Park, home of art studios, independent music venues, and esoteric shops galore.

18. There are TWO great baseball teams to cheer for.

@msnycole / Via

The White Sox and the Cubs!

19. And the games are accompanied by the glorious Chicago dog.

@ryaninthecity / Via

20. There's also plenty of other amazing and inventive food all around the city.

@ryaninthecity / Via

This is brunch at Cafe Ba-Ba-Reeba in Lincoln Park!

21. The museums are unmatched both in prestige AND beauty.

@msnycole / Via

And the Museum of Science and Industry (pictured above) also happens to be the largest science museum in the Western Hemisphere.

22. If you want to take a rest, you can relax in parks that look like THIS:

@barrybutler9 / Via

Lincoln Park is one of the most beautiful green spaces in all of Chicago.

23. And the sunsets every night are perfect in every way.

@brandonexplores / Via

Every single day in Chicago is bound to be epic. Choose Chicago for your next vacation.

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