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The Bundy Test, Are You Dating A Sociopath?

Are you or your friends dating a Sociopath? Let's call them "Bundy." Answer Yes or No. First, a sociopath is someone with charisma who can morph themselves into the perfect chameleon that fits your mold. They manipulate to get what they want; they are pathological liars, and they believe they are superior. Ted Bundy is a known sociopath, we will use his last name, and call them Bundy. I created a short quiz with typological behaviors a sociopath tends to build to control you, and if you answered yes to at least 5 or more, you are friends or worse dating a Sociopath. Furthermore, if you want to know more about this type of illness, if you think you need help, or just need more information the book " The Sociopath Next Door" is highly informative.

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1. Bundy won't stop the car for a Squirrel


If you asked Bundy if they would stop the car for a Squirrel (or any animal) crossing the street, and they answered no, the reason being it's in the way or any other suitable excuse.

2. Bundy takes what they want, denial, denial, denial


And when you ask Bundy if they took it, as you have significant reasons to believe they did, and Bundy denies the accusations, they twist your words around and make it all about how you hurt their feelings?

3. Bundy turns the blame

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When you hear rumors about Bundy and confront them if this is true, they find an astonishing way to turn the blame around and excuse the other person.

4. Bundy spends all your money


When Bundy makes an obvious mistake and spends all of your money on alcohol and when you explicitly asked them to get change. And right in front of you, they deny ever knowing what you asked, and then they say they will pay you back. But you know you will never see the money again.

5. Bundy drama all over again.


Have you ever tried to leave Bundy for good reasons, but Bundy claims they will change, and they will be a better person for you, but they only change their behavior for a few days, then start their drama all over again.

6. Bundy gets what they want.

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Has Bundy ever claimed a truth that was not true just to get what they wanted from you?

7. Bundy would never apologize

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Bundy would never apologize to you for being a jerk, a lair, or never admit they did something to hurt you?

8. Bundy is never the problem

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Has Bundy talked to you about their many relationships and how they are never the problem and rationalized their behavior over and over again?

9. Bundy is NEVER guilty

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Has Bundy showed signs of lack of guilt for their repetitive behaviors and hurtful schemes?

10. Bundy gets MAD


Has Bundy ever been frustrated with you and acted out by yelling or shown displays of violent outbursts?

11. Bundy among a crowd IS charming, charismatic, and genuine.

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When Bundy is among a crowd, they are charming, charismatic, and genuine. People seem to like them, but if you asked an individual in the group, they don't honestly know anything about them.

1-4 Your safe, Bundy free. Most normal people typically can still act out and do some of these behaviors, but they will feel guilty and most likely never do it again.

5-8 Maybe Bundy underneath all that sheep's wool. I would observe and keep my distance if no signs of guilt or responsibility of their actions are present stay away.

9-11 BUNDY ALERT Get out these are signs of a scary and potentially dangerous individual, they are a Sociopath. It will be difficult, and most likely they won't hurt you, but some can if they are all BUNDY. Hide, move, and leave the country for a while. Block Bundy from all media sights, until they find a new victim. Sadly but true. (Next what steps to take to get away from a Sociopath.)

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