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13 Ways To Transform Your Travel From Stressful To Restful

Make your trip one to remember for the right reasons with these little tips and tricks. Comfort Inn and Comfort Suites made some changes to make sure your stay is restful.

1. Find out everyone's expectations.

2. Figure out your budget before.

3. Be smart when booking your hotel.

4. Eye masks are everything.

5. Make lists and triple-check them before you leave.

6. Pack healthy snacks for the road.

7. Make a collaborative playlist for the road.

Whether you're driving an hour or five hours, a good playlist can make a road trip. Before your trip, put together a collaborative playlist on Spotify so everyone in your group can get a chance to play their favorite tunes.

8. Be smart and remember the essentials.

9. Be prepared and open for change.

10. Take time to smell the roses.

11. Ask the staff at your hotel for local recommendations.

12. Keep a log of your excursions.

13. Embrace and enjoy the art of disconnecting.

Traveling shouldn't be stressful. That's why Comfort Inn and Comfort Suites is undergoing a transformation so you can be rested, set, and ready to go.