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13 Illustrations About Snacking That Will Make You Say, “Pretty Much”

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1. Standing with the fridge open is one of your favourite pastimes.

2. You find yourself worrying about snacks. A lot.

3. Working on an empty stomach is impossible.

4. And keeping you satisfied is in everyone’s best interest.

5. You know that not all snacks are created equal.

6. Your decision-making can be questionable at times.

7. You’re easy to find at social events.

8. And you find bonding with new friends easy.

9. You know what time it is without even looking at a clock.

10. Because everything moves in slo-mo when you’re hungry.

11. You’re reliable.

12. You can make the best of any situation.

13. And you believe that anything is possible.

Design by Tyler Naugle / BuzzFeed.

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