Friends Dieted '90s Style For A Whole Week And It Sucked

    Pro tip: There are no quick fixes when it comes to dropping weight.

    Dieting is a practice as old as time. Back in the 1990s, one of the most popular products for people who wanted to lose weight were those arguably yummy SlimFast shakes.

    Watch these gals test out the trendiest diets from the 90s!

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    And although Selorm and Maya were way too young to have dieted in the '90s, they agreed to put themselves through a week of these fad diets from back in the day, because they're cool like that.

    Surprise! The ladies found out which diet they would be tackling. Selorm got the Atkins diet, while Maya drank them SlimFasts for an entire week.

    Maya thought she'd be chilling, sipping on some tasty shakes, but in reality, she also had to consume "sensible diets" and exercise regularly.

    Selorm's Atkins diet consisted of lowering her carb intake, lowering the amount of sugar she consumed, and eating lots more protein and vegetables.

    Okay, so on day one (yes, on the first day) Selorm slipped when Maya caught her munching on a banana and peanut butter.

    Meanwhile, Maya went home to Arizona on day two, where she had to make a store run after forgetting her SlimFast back home, ya'll!

    When day three rolled around, Maya was really feelin' her SlimFast, until her dad reminder her she couldn't have any of the dinner he was cooking. Ugh!

    On the fourth day Selorm was still struggling, but then started getting into the swing of things by cooking dishes like salmon with roasted tomatoes on it. Nice!

    Hallelujah! When the final day of their diet came, Maya realized that, although drinking the shake was super easy (yes, they were also yummy), she actually wanted to do more than just sip.

    And Selorm learned that when she tried to eat healthier, she had to go full throttle, and set up a solid game plan.

    Great job, ladies! They made it through the challenge. Now, what should they try next in Rad or Fad?