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    Here Are The Different Types Of Moms You Meet

    "Is that poop or chocolate?"

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    From the Parenting Expert to the Hot Mess, these are some of the moms out there:

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    First, there's the PTA Mom. She always makes sure to brings the snacks even when it's not her turn.

    Then, there's the Expert. She's not trying to give her kid pesticides by choosing out-of-season berries for her homemade muffins.

    Let’s not forget the Crunchy Mom. She only feeds her child (whose name is obviously Arachnid) organic, free-range, fair-trade food.

    Then there's the Hipster Mom, who buys her kid a typewriter instead of a computer and makes sure "she only listens to vinyl."

    Finally, there's the Hot Mess. She's always late and is never quite sure what day it is.

    Plus, she never can be sure if that stain is poop or chocolate...but who can tell?