Guys Tried Pinterest Nail Art And Brought New Meaning To The Word "Fail"

    Now it looks like there's a butt cheek on my hand.

    The Pinterest Win is one of the most coveted prizes in all of DIY that some people work all their lives for. So, BuzzFeed Motion Pictures gave four lucky men the chance to win at Pinterest nail art. Their efforts were valiant, but they failed...hard.

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    The guys were actually pretty confident.

    OK, first of all, nail polish is not meant for huffing. Exhibit A:

    The guys started, and the struggle was way too real.

    Robin expected he'd be "crap at it" going in, but not this "crap."

    Will questioned why he even tried to mix things up with bright pink instead of black.

    Joe began to realize he needed to go back to Pre-K to learn how to draw inside the lines.

    Zach was just proud of how careful he was.

    And as for Mike...well...he tried.

    A for effort, guys.