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Valentine's Day: Activities For Singletons, Couples & Friends!

When the 14th of February rolls around people are either filled with one of two feelings: excitement or dread. Valentines Day is a day that is typically targeted towards couples for them to celebrate love and being in love. But what if you aren't in love? What if you're single or are spending the day with friends but still want to be a part of the festivities? Here are some activities that can be done on Valentine's Day whether you are single, in a relationship or spending the day with friends.

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1. Go for a long walk.

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It could be round a park, on a beach or a scenic hill route but going for a long walk with a loved one is a perfect way to spend the day, whether that be with your significant significant other or a group of friends. It allows you to spend some quality time together and to talk to one another without any distractions. It's also a great activity to do by yourself as you can have some alone time to clear your mind.

2. Have a nice meal.

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Going out for a nice meal at your favourite restaurant would be a romantic way could spend your Valentine's Day with your significant other. Also a big group meal with all your friends would be a great way to spend the day. Although you don't need to go out for a meal to have a meaningful night, you could order something in or make your significant other or friends a meal. Singletons, this is a way you can treat yourself and indulge in your favourite meal without having to share a share one single bit!

3. Get a massage.

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Massages have got to be the most relaxing experiences in the world! If you are single a massage is a great way to completely pamper yourself! You can also go with a few friends and turn it into a spa day or if you're in a relationship you can book a couples massage for ultimate relaxation!

4. Go to the cinema.

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Going on a date to the cinema is a classic date that can be done with a significant other, a group of friends or on your own. Going to an old cinema that are showing some new and old films or an alternative cinema is a romantic date for you and your significant other but also a fun date you can have with friends or even on your own. It's a great way to spend some time with the people you love or for some much needed me time. In the cinema you can switch off and just enjoy yourself!

5. Go for a drink.

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If all else fails a fun way to spend Valentine's Day is going out or having a drink. There are hundreds of cocktail bars in Glasgow where you can benefit from the mid-week deals! A romantic drink with your partner is the perfect way to end your evening. Singles can either be "drowning your sorrows" or "thanking your lucky stars" for being alone while meeting other people doing the same thing or bring some friends along and make a proper night of it!

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