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    8 Atlanta-Based Black Owned- Businesses To Shop This Holiday Season 2021

    Check out this Gift Guide of 8 Black-owned businesses that have the perfect gifts for your family this 2021 holiday season. From jewelry and candles to apparel, these brands have got you covered. These businesses are recent graduates of the Our Village United ELEVATE program for entrepreneurs!

    Not sure what to gift your favorite auntie or baby brother this holiday? These black-owned brands have you covered.

    Who needs when you can BUY BLACK!

    1. A mocha-hued hoodie from EPIC EVERYDAY for the kids and babies.

    2. Gift these Sterling Silver, 18K Gold and Gemstone pieces for her by MISAYO.

    3. Wrap your gifts in Black Santa Claus this Christmas with Prnt'd.

    4. A candle disguised as luxury decor from J Luxe Brands is exactly what your boujee mother-in-law wants.

    5. This bomber jacket by Wild Seed is for the culture!

    6. This body butter from JAS is the stocking stuffer for everyone this holiday.

    7. Make a statement at the family dinner with a hoodie from We. Society.

    8. Not sure what to get your favorite auntie or uncle this holiday? Yeaux Mama has got you covered!

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