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How Chloe Hechter Are You?

Are you a little headband wearing musical theatre jap? Or do you like sports and math?

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  1. What school do you go to?

    LaGuardia the Fame school!! (Or some other performing arts school)
    A really nice private school
    A Jewish school
    just a regular school
  2. If you could have one thing, what would it be?

    To be a successful actress (and ok, admit it, have your name in lights)
    I'm not totally sure but definitely something where I'd get paid to do what I love
    Something that would make a lot of money, like a lawyer or a business person
    A doctor, scientist, or mathematician
  3. How old do people usually think you are?

    11 or 12
    Like a year younger than I actually am
    My own age?
  4. Your biggest heartbreak ever was...

    Not getting the part that you poured your entire life into
    Not getting the guy that you liked for 2 years
    Failing your math test
    You didn't hook up with anyone at this weekend's party
  5. Would you ever wear a schoolgirl skirt and a headband at the same time?

    Um hell yes that's my personality in an outfit
    Maybe just one or the other, but not at the same time
    It's cute for other people, but not me
    Ew who would EVER wear that
  6. Your first kiss was...

    In a musical (for acting!) #professional
    At summer camp
    On a dare in middle school
    Drunk at a party
  7. What's your biggest fear?

    My voice will crack onstage
    I have horrible stage fright
  8. Have you ever had to play a role that required you to wear two braids?

    Oh god yes, like when I'm playing a younger character
    I did like once or twice
    I've never had to wear my hair like that for a show
    WTF no I don't do shows what kind of question is this
  9. Have you ever been to the Hamptons or Fire Island?

    Yes OMG and I have sweatshirts with "Fire Island" and "East Hampton" on them
    I've have a house in one or the other and I love it
    I've been before! (to both or either)
    I've never been to either place
  10. Who's your vocal coach?

    JOSEPH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (and Badiene)
    Bob Marks
    I don't have a vocal coach
    I don't sing at all
  11. Has anyone ever called you a jap?

    All the time, but I own it
    Sometimes haha
    Once in a while and I hate it
    What's a jap?
  12. and last but not least, what's your opinion on 13 the musical?

    It is SO underrated. Why am I the only person who likes it?? I'm talking MY BREAKOUT ROLE HERE!!!!
    I think I've heard some of the songs?
    I've never seen it/ I hate it

How Chloe Hechter Are You?

You got: You're basically the same person

Wow. Are you sure you and Chloe aren't living the same life? You're pretty much the exact same person. Good luck playing Patrice in 13 twenty million times!

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You got: You're very similar

Although you might not share the 4'10 and stage kisses in all of their glory, you still share a lot of qualities with Chloe Hechter.

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You got: you're kinda like Chloe

Though you and Chloe have some similar qualities, you are certainly not totally alike

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You got: You're not even a little bit Chloe

Have you never been in a musical? Does the name Evan Goldman mean NOTHING to you? Clearly, you are six feet tall and have a passion for ~math~

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