10 Fan Theories About Jackson Wang's "Drive You Home" That'll Make You Question Everything

    There are ~100 Ways~ to interpret this...

    Jackson Wang just released his new song, "Drive You Home," and there's a LOT to unpack here. His music video details the events of how he lost someone he loves in "reverse chronological order."

    Pretty straightforward, right? But it seems like there's more to it than its original narrative. Twitter user @onebillionking jumpstarted a discussion on how the music video can be interpreted in multiple ways based on its lyrics.

    Twitter / Via Twitter: @onebillionking

    Based on the tweet, it seems like there's a possibility that JACKSON is the one that died in the music video.

    So naturally, fans started forming their own interpretations and here are some that I can't stop thinking about...


    The afterlife: • jackson hands in a paper with his DOB, like a record of his death. • rows of identical desks and people with lifeless faces • jackson looks at her picture. there is no grief, but rather being at peace knowing that she’s alive.

    Via Twitter: @ATKG7XCIII


    At first I thought this was just an abstract way to portray the monotony of office work but something felt off. Why is it so sterile? Why is his birthdate relevant? Now it makes sense, this is the afterlife. He is the one who died. #DriveYouHome #JacksonWang

    Via Twitter: @celine_G7


    Or maybe he died on the inside. He puts fake smile so everyone and everything is the same to him. And maybe the first scenes show us the world as he sees it...dull and fake. https://t.co/jMtUtI3kqZ

    Via Twitter: @waeeee10


    So if Jackson and his love both died in DYH then the timeline starts again at 100 Ways when they both reunited but only after death

    Via Twitter: @nightxuxi


    What if there are multiple variants of Jackson all trying to fight against their similar fate of losing a loved one but end up getting pruned because they strayed from their timeline

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    To take it a step further what if they BOTH died but Jackson is stuck in purgatory because he faults himself for driving recklessly and the guilt keeps him reliving the accident. While the girlfriend's soul moved on to either heaven or her next life

    Via Twitter: @JacksonsMomo


    so when he says ‘i can't leave you tonight not tonight’ it’s him fighting to stay alive? and when he says ‘always thought we could reverse it’ and ‘i’m 80 miles from goin insane i’ve been missin those days’ it’s his POV from heaven? gawd damnnn 😭 @JacksonWang852 #DriveYouHome

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    i also think that the part where he was messed up was his in denial stage. There's a saying that some souls stay on earth and wonder bcs they don't accept the fact that they died/a goal wasn't able to be finished & he keeps repeating who's gonna do all those for her if hes gone💔 https://t.co/5Paa3xs2P1

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    @ATKG7XCIII @lexjwjy I actually thought that the doc with his picture, name and birthday on it looks kinda like a tombstone that the only lacking is the epitaph? And my first thought with him in the office with the rows of "workers" are it looks a lot like what you see in the cemeteries..

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    I love these discussions! I interpreted it as the mv and the song have slightly different plotlines. I interpret it as: The man in the mv is from the man's character's pov, the song is from the woman's character's pov. #JacksonWang #JacksonWang_DriveYouHome #TEAMWANG https://t.co/djj3JcPvzo

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    Did it match any of your theories? What are your thoughts about "Drive You Home"?