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11 Ways To Make Easter More Excellent For Kids

Who's ready to step up their game? Create fun activities for the kids, but save the best treats for yourself — Chips Ahoy! Chunky. Pick up a bag and enjoy the holiday!

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2. Make your eggs look like characters from the kids favorite movie.

Who doesn't love googly eyes?

3. Or get messy with shaving cream.

Did you know a little food coloring and a lot of shaving cream goes a long way? Find out how to make this happen here.

8. Broken crayons + a silicone mold = fun-shaped coloring.

Just add the broken bits to the mold and pop it in the oven for 10 minutes at 300 degrees. Mix a few colors together for interesting combos, but make sure they're totally cool before any little hands touch 'em.

9. Use baby powder to leave bunny tracks on your floors.

The kids will be so excited to see his trail lead up to an egg hunt!

10. Or leave a few jelly beans in the toilet with a simple note about forgetting to flush.

Because, of course the Easter Bunny poops candy. 😉

Reward your creativity with something you won't put in the kids' baskets: Chips Ahoy! Chunkyyour Easter treat.