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12 Signs You Need To Save Yourself From Yourself

Find out if your healthy habits are limiting you too much and set your desserts free with Chilly Cow, a delicious ice cream option as creamy as it is protein-packed.

1. You pregame hot yoga with a quick bit of vinyasa yoga.

2. Your idea of "dessert" is an apple.

3. Your streaming queue is filled with a bunch of documentaries about veganism.

4. You always smuggle your own snacks* into the movies.

5. You've managed to expense at least one workout class a month on your company as “networking.”

6. You've forgotten what it's like to wake up after 7 a.m.

7. And your current "read" is just an updated schedule of your gym's group fitness classes.

8. You're far better at wielding foam rollers than hair rollers.

9. Your closet looks like a cartoon character's in that it's literally just 42 different kinds of athleisure getups.

10. Your local juice bar has your order memorized.

11. You have more than one fitness-tracking gadget on you at all times because you want to get a "second opinion."

12. You've begun screaming affirmations louder than your spin instructor.

Because Chilly Cow is both amazingly tasty and has less calories than regular ice cream, you can say "oui" to your new fave treat — and "au revoir" to your sad snacks!