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12 Struggles All Awkward People Know About Dining Out

Getting out of the house can be awkward. But at Chili's, you'll always feel right at home.

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1. Speaking up about where you want to sit.

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"No, we don't need that perfect window table. No, yes, we love the view of the kitchen."

2. Getting stuck sitting at the end of a booth.


"OMG, seven people will need to get up for me to use the restroom."

3. Not being able to pronounce your order and wanting to die.

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"I want the enchi... encha... encheese... encheesesalada..." *faints*

4. That kid who stares at you from the other booth.

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"Maybe if we ignore it, it will leave."

5. Making eye contact while you order.

"I'm not trying to be rude I swear!"

6. Friends who have long/confusing orders.


"That can't be possible."

7. Accidentally spilling your beverage and trying to mop it up with the napkins available.

"I've made a huge mistake."

8. And being literally afraid to ask for more napkins.

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"I don't want to bug the server again. I'll just... wipe my hands on my pants... yeah." *ruins new khakis*

9. Then needing a refill.

"Please, sir. May I have some soda?"

10. Not knowing where the bathroom is.

"What if I get lost trying to find it. What if I go into the kitchen on accident!"

11. Asking for the check.

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"Notice me!"

12. Splitting the check.

"We'll never get through this hell."

With Chili’s new Pay & Go tabletop device, dining out just got way less awkward.


Pay when you want, refill your margarita, split the check and go when you’re ready!