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11 Parents Share How Their Children Survived Against All Odds

For 30 years, Walmart and Sam's Club associates have been helping families in their communities live better by raising funds for Children's Miracle Network Hospitals. Since 1987, Walmart and Sam's Club associates, customers, and members in the US and Canada have contributed nearly $1 billion to help kids live better.

They gave this small trooper a fighting chance.

They breathed joy into this mom's life again.

They made sure this mom's baby could thrive.

They kept these twin sisters together, no matter what.

They helped this mom find her passion to give back.

They were there when this mom needed them most.

They made his daughter's future bright again.

They were never discouraged by her daughter's disability.

They gave this dad a new community for his adopted son.

They never gave up on these kids.

They got her son back on his feet again.

Images courtesy of Children's Miracle Network.

Help kids live better. Donate at your local Walmart or Sam’s Club today.

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