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5 Steps To An Epic Stranger Things Themed Halloween Party

With Season 2 dropping on Netflix merely days before, 2017’s hottest Halloween theme is definitely Stranger Things. Why not gather your friends and throw an epic Stranger Things party to celebrate Halloween this year?

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Step 1: Nail the décor

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Fairy lights are an obvious choice and should definitely be included, but think outside the box a little. Bring an 80s nostalgic vibe into the decoration by proudly displaying your old vinyl and putting up retro movie posters as suggested in this Stranger Things décor guide. If you have a bicycle bring it inside and put it proudly on display, or leave board game dice on the table between the snacks.

Step 2: Serve the best food

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Waffles are a must (Eggos if you can find them!) but there were plenty of other foods mentioned on Stranger Things. Out of all of them, the best for a party would be pepperoni pizza, burgers and fries. Classic 80s American junk food! Finish off with glazed doughnuts for dessert.

Step 3: Wear the right outfit

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It should go without saying that fancy dress is mandatory at Halloween parties and the hosts should go all out! Stranger Things costumes work well with more than one person unless you’re going to be Eleven in her iconic pink dress. For two of you, Joyce and Jim would make a great couple’s costume. If your friends are game, why not coordinate and all come as one of the kids from the show? You can find some awesome costume ideas here.

Step 4: Pick the perfect music

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A key ingredient of any themed party is the music and you will instantly inject a Stranger Things feel by playing some fab 80s hits from the show. Make sure you include Should I Stay Or Should I Go by The Clash, one of the most recognisable hits used in the show, and Michael Jackson’s Thriller which was use in the trailer for Season Two. Check out this list of all songs featured in the show for more inspiration. Of course, not all of the songs will be great for dancing so feel free to mix in some 80s classics that weren’t featured too.

Step 5: Mix the best drinks

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In the show we see the characters drink beers and Coca Cola, but if you want to serve up something special for your guests cocktails are the way to go! Simply garnish your favourite with a chunk of waffle, or make the whole cocktail Stranger Things themed like this recipe which was inspired by Eleven.

You should now have everything you need for one hell of a Stranger Things party, but if you’re still stuck for inspiration, a re-watch of season one should do the trick. For research, honest!

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