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This Backstreet Boys Parody Is All You Need

Snackstreet is arguably the greatest food boy band from the '90s, and they've got a preeeetty killer music video.

The music video for "Snackstreet's Back" is...amazing.

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The video kicks off with none other than Nick Carter popping in a VHS of Snackstreet for our viewing pleasure.

We start on the hotties of Snackstreet stumbling upon a mysterious device. Rye chip picks it up, Pretzel presses the button, and things get REAL.

Here's where we get a good look at all the boys: Rye Chip, Wheat Chex, Breadstick, Pretzel, and Rice Chex.

Oh, BTW, THEY GO BACK IN TIME. First, they meet some dinosaur babes who greet them with a seductive dance.

Their dance moves are smooth as hell.

And their lyrics are pure poetry.


Snackstreet is the only boy band you can actually eat — so pop open a bag of Chex Mix and enjoy every last sexy, tasty little piece!