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11 Signs You've Adapted To Big City Life

There's never a dull moment. Let the Chevy Trax inspire you to get where you're going!

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1. The restaurant below your apartment knows your order by heart and starts prepping it as soon as you walk in, and that makes you happy.

Food Beast / / Via

You even exchange Christmas cards with the owners.

2. You don't hear sirens or trucks or construction anymore.

ParabolicHorizon / CC BY http://3.0 / Via

It’s all just white noise now.

3. You consider a 20-block walk short.

Torgrim Brochmann / CC BY http://3.0 / Via

It’s not like it's a 10K or anything.

4. You’re completely in love with your home, even though it's basically the size of a closet...

5. ...and you never thought twice about living in a five-story walk-up. / Via

Except for maybe when you have to carry groceries.

6. When people stop you for directions, you can help them without even looking at a map.

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"Just make a left at the next corner and your destination will be on the north side of the street."

7. Your fashion choices are inspired by the sights of your city...

American Zoetrope / Via

Your shoe choice may or may not be inspired by what's on your agenda.

8. ...and you have a long list of comebacks stored in your back pocket for when you get catcalled.


"No, thank you."

9. Your favorite time of day is 1 a.m.

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Because that's when everything really wakes up.

10. You still get really, really excited when you wind up on a block you’ve never been on before.


Which reignites your love for the city.

11. And you truly believe you don't need a passport, because you can experience all sorts of culture locally.

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There's so much to explore!

Whether you're picking up a new painting from the gallery downtown or checking out that secret park you read about online, let your Chevy Trax take you there in style.

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