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11 Signs You're Killing This Whole Mature-ish Thing

Your hands must hurt from all those high fives you give.

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1. You feel like a damn hero when you take your recycling out on time. / Via

Honestly, someone should just give you a medal.

2. There's actual food in your refrigerator. / Via

If you have cake for breakfast, it's not because it's all you had but because you wanted cake.

3. You make regular doctor and dentist appointments.


C'mon, with all this breakfast cake, you kind of have to.

4. You can resist the urge to contact your ex. / Via

And the urge to let them know you're resisting the urge to contact them.

5. You buy your furniture from actual furniture stores. / Via

No more curb couches for you!

6. You don't have a minor heart attack when you receive a bill in the mail. / Via

Because you've learned that hiding from them does not make them go away.

7. You can do basic car maintenance. / Via

That doesn't mean getting it washed.

8. You give people real gifts.

ABC / Via

And by real, we mean not gift cards or regifts.

9. You get your "dry clean only" things dry-cleaned. / Via

And you thoroughly enjoy casually mentioning to anyone and everyone that you have to go pick up your dry cleaning.

10. You have a gym membership.

BuzzFeed Creative

You even use it sometimes.

11. You own a car you're not embarrassed to valet.

Comedy Central / Via

That's right — you go to places that VALET.

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