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The Definitive Ranking Of X-Men Powers

Who's the mutant with the mostest? Special powers would make life way easier. Thankfully, we non X-Men have the convenience of Chevron ExtraMile® stores.

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12. Frog-like abilities.

Jumping super high and being able to snatch things with your tongue might be fun at first, but is it worth the scaly skin and toxic secretions?

11. The ability to transform into a powerful blue beast.

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It would be cool to have all the strength, agility, and heightened senses of an animal. You could smell for miles, hear a pin drop, and have a fantastic career as a professional wrestler. Unfortunately, you'd also be covered in bright blue hair.

10. Super speed.

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Travel would be cheap and easy if you could bolt cross country on a whim. You'd never be out of touch with your friends, and you could casually win Olympic medals in every event. But if you were super fast, the world would always feel slow and boring.

9. The capacity to harness and control solar energy.

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Hey there, hot stuff. You would never have trouble lighting the stove or starting a campfire and barbecues would sort of be your thing (not to mention being able to fly and shoot flames), but if you don't get time in the sun... you're out like a light.

8. Metallic skin and super strength.

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Being super strong and practically indestructible would be highly useful. Moving Day would be a snap, and don't worry about looking both ways before crossing the road: Cars brake for you — or they break for you. And the chrome paint job? Pretty snazzy.

7. Cryokinesis.

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Never again will you drink a warm beverage or lament a melty ice cream cone. You could also shoot ice blasts and fly around on frozen water vapor. Pretty awesome. And to top it all off: You would have been the coolest person at your high school.

6. The ability to shoot plasma blasts and waves.

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If you radiated plasmic energy, you'd have quite the explosive personality. You could pretty much beat up anybody, or blast them into kingdom come. And microwaving dinner would be EZ. But all that power could be hard to control... Better stay calm.

5. Perfect camouflage.

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"Who am I? Who do you want me to be." Take a walk in somebody else's shoes with perfect camouflage. You could live a life of international espionage. But when you look like everybody else, people tend to forget the real you is... well... blue.

4. The ability to absorb energy.

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Being able to charge up on any form of energy would be awesome. Lie in the sun, chill by your microwave, or encourage your mutant friends to give you a boost.

3. Teleportation.

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This would be extremely useful. You could envision any destination, make a portal, and get there. Globetrotting would be a breeze, and you wouldn't work up a sweat in transit. And the best part is: it's easy to bring your friends along for the ride.

2. Telepathy.

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Imagine being able to read your significant other's mind. Now imagine being able to read your dog's mind! Life would be easy, and you'd appear super intelligent to everyone else. Being the smartest person in the room sounds pretty darn awesome.

1. Magnetism.

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It's just so cool, and useful. Metal is in basically everything. You could make little balls fly around for fun and levitate by wearing steel-toed shoes. You could grab the remote from across the room. Never lose your keys again! Or juggle cars! Why not!