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We Asked Canadians What The Canadian Dream Means To Them

Chevrolet wanted to know what drives the Canadian dream, so we asked the people themselves.

We asked the BuzzFeed Community what the Canadian dream means to them. They did not disappoint.

1. The Canadian Reality

2. Being Proud of Who You Are

3. Acceptance for All

4. One Country, Countless Landscapes

5. The O-Word

6. Enjoying What You Want

7. Helping the Environment

8. From Wildlife to the Life of the Party

9. Expressing Yourself

10. Everything in One Place

11. No Tolerance for Intolerance

12. It's a Free Country

13. You Do You

14. A Dream Come True

15. Helping Nature Thrive

16. Partnership With the Land

See how the Canadian Dream is inspiring Chevrolet to Find New Roads.

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