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We Asked Canadians What The Canadian Dream Means To Them

Chevrolet wanted to know what drives the Canadian dream, so we asked the people themselves.

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1. The Canadian Reality

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"The Canadian dream is being accepted and loved by this beautiful country and its people. It is realizing that there are things far bigger than us, but nothing big enough to prevent us from leaving our mark. It is welcoming our neighbours with open arms and not judging their past or their present. It is recognizing our past mistakes and taking steps to correct them. It is being able to call our home a safe and comfortable place that we love. The Canadian 'dream' should instead be called the Canadian 'reality.'"


8. From Wildlife to the Life of the Party

"The beautiful environment. Being able to go camp in the forest with the towering trees that have stood there for hundreds of years. Hiking by a mountain and drinking from the pure glacier stream. Seeing wildlife everywhere — from a deer by the highway or a black bear on your porch. A place where a group of people feel free to walk down the street in togas for reasons I am still curious about."


9. Expressing Yourself

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"Being able to speak our minds, express our beliefs, love freely, and create everything our hearts desire is something we often take for granted, but should appreciate more!"


10. Everything in One Place

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"To me, the Canadian dream is appreciating the diversity, not only of the Canadian communities and cultures, but also of its seasons, landscapes, cities. It's to celebrate the fact that our country has four beautiful seasons, and we have the chance to have lakes, mountains, and forests but also cities and suburbs — and I could go on and on. Our country has everything in one place (one pretty big place)."


11. No Tolerance for Intolerance

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"It's about making a better place for everyone, including yourself, so our future generations can live in a peaceful country without having to worry about criticism, racism, or any type of discrimination."


12. It's a Free Country

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"The Canadian dream is having the freedom to be yourself and to make your own decisions concerning your beliefs, life, love, and happiness without discrimination or retaliation."


14. A Dream Come True

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"Hi. The Canadian dream for me came true. My mom was a single mother with nine kids. I was seven of nine (lol). Even though she collected 'Mother's Allowance' while we were young, she also had the opportunity to move forward when our family all grew old enough for her not to need it anymore. She was able to get a decent job and live independently.

"Being brought up with that kind of work ethic, I am now a welder and living with my own happy family. My husband and I have a beautiful son.

"This is what living the Canadian dream means for me. Helping people in their time of need so they can pass the positive influence onto others to live productive lives and be positive contributors to society."


15. Helping Nature Thrive

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"To me, the Canadian dream is living in a country that is at the forefront of stainable living and fights climate change head on! Our country is so beautiful with its landscapes and nature, and it is so important to help it thrive!"


16. Partnership With the Land

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"For me, it is all about partnership with the land. We rely on it, and we enjoy it, but we also need to be good stewards so that the spectacular nature we are blessed with can be enjoyed by future generations. I've spent time out in forests and on lakes, gardening, exploring, and learning with my parents and grandparents, and I want to keep passing that along."


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