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15 Gadgets That Will Straight-Up Transport You To The Future

Get ready to want everything on this list. Find beautiful design and utility in the Chevrolet Spark. It comes with Apple CarPlay™, allowing you to connect your phone to the tablet-like center display to access your apps, your calendar, and playlists.

1. Cool Leaf Keyboard

2. Autographer

3. The Exotic Virtual Adventure Run

4. The Truly Cordless Earbuds

5. Opto

6. Pulspak Emergency Charger

7. Sound-Pulsing LED Rave Glasses

8. LED Potion Desk Lamp

9. Glow-in-the-Dark Pebbles

10. The Plane, Train, and Automobile Solar Backup Battery

11. The Tweexy


We've dreamt of these as kids, and now they're here. These incredible skates are motorized and can reach speeds of 12 mph. Prepare to enjoy cruising through the 'hood as you make every walking mortal very jealous.

13. House-Patrolling Robot

14. The Hermetically Sealed DNA Time Capsule

15. LED Showerhead

Mind blown yet? Wait until you check out the Chevrolet Spark. It now has Apple CarPlay™, the smart way to use your iPhone to make calls, listen to music, and more on the seven-inch diagonal display. Whoop whoop.