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15 Gadgets That Will Straight-Up Transport You To The Future

Get ready to want everything on this list. Find beautiful design and utility in the Chevrolet Spark. It comes with Apple CarPlay™, allowing you to connect your phone to the tablet-like center display to access your apps, your calendar, and playlists.

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1. Cool Leaf Keyboard

Dynamism / Via

This super-sleek keyboard almost resembles a mirror when off, but once on, it's like "BAM!" The words immaculately light up in an almost surreal way. Looks like this whim won't be easy to shake off.

2. Autographer

Dynamism / Via

Um, so how would it feel to never ever have to worry about snapping pics and just worry about actually being in the moment? Pretty dope, right? Well, we give you the Autographer camera. It's so techie that its sensors are mixed with an algorithm that knows exactly when to take the sickest pictures.

3. The Exotic Virtual Adventure Run

Hammacher Schlemmer / Via

OK, so we may not be able to time-travel just yet, but with this monitor, you'll pretty much be transported to the wonderland of your choice; you could run through the Cali coastline or explore a lil' village — and, um, yeah, conveniently enough, it also keeps you in shape. What a beauty.

5. Opto

The Gadget Flow / Via

Virtual reality has never looked so...uncomplicated. With this light headset, you'll be able to watch videos and photos and play games in a totally novel way. It comes in a bunch of colors and all of them are reeaaal cute.

6. Pulspak Emergency Charger

Firebox / Via

Look, generally speaking, bigger is better. When we order a burger and get something that looks like a slider, it is our right as citizens of the world to be upset. But when it comes to chargers, the tinier the better. This futuristic gadget is light, smart, and not even expensive.

7. Sound-Pulsing LED Rave Glasses

Hammacher Schlemmer / Via

It's time for a melody of LED lights! These sweet glasses keep up with whatever jam you're listening to, and the lights don't obstruct your view at all, so you can still make your way across any party and right into the hors d'oeuvres table. PERF.

9. Glow-in-the-Dark Pebbles

Awesome stuff to buy / Via

Glow-in-the-dark stuff is always going to be extremely cool and desirable, but now we can make paths with luminescent pebbles as opposed to gluing a bunch of stars to our ceiling. LIKE HELLO, WE AREN'T 8 ANYMORE.

10. The Plane, Train, and Automobile Solar Backup Battery

Hammacher Schlemmer / Via

It's about time the sun worked a little harder. Like all it does is sit there and lazily burn itself out. Anyway, this kewl charger is a great way to keep your battery on point.


We've dreamt of these as kids, and now they're here. These incredible skates are motorized and can reach speeds of 12 mph. Prepare to enjoy cruising through the 'hood as you make every walking mortal very jealous.

13. House-Patrolling Robot

Hammacher Schlemmer / Via

You know, you could always glue a camera to your dog and patrol your crib that way (he'll probably sleep all day after being exhausted from relentlessly trying to eat that camera you attached to him, so there goes your security guard), ooooorrrrr go the ultramodern route and get this lovely patrolling robot to watch your house from a distance.

15. LED Showerhead

Health Smart / Via

"I love jumping in the shower and being so cold it's like taking a vacation to Antartica" —said no one ever. With this shower, you'll never jump into a cold shower again! The color of the water changes according to the temperature. How cool is that?

Mind blown yet? Wait until you check out the Chevrolet Spark. It now has Apple CarPlay™, the smart way to use your iPhone to make calls, listen to music, and more on the seven-inch diagonal display. Whoop whoop.