13 Inexplicable Questions We All Have While Driving

Bad directions aren’t the only reason you’re a little lost. Drive a 2014 Chevrolet Sonic or Spark available with Siri Eyes Free integration, and you might find some much-needed answers.

1. Everyone came to the four-way stop at the same time. WHO GOES FIRST?

No you go. No, no, you go. Okay I’ll go. Wait, no you go.

2. There’s a line of police cars behind me trying to get through. SPEED UP OR SLOW DOWN?


A law-abider’s worst dilemma.

3. The same guy keeps pulling up next to me at every red light. DO I ACKNOWLEDGE IT EVERY TIME?

“Hey again.”

4. That hitchhiker looks upbeat and friendly. BUT WILL HE ROB ME?

Beauty Is Embarrassing / Via buy.beautyisembarrassing.com

Yes. Yes, he probably will.

5. I haven’t driven stick in a while. GAS OR CLUTCH?

If you don’t know already, you’ll soon find out.

6. I dropped some fries. CLEAN UP NOW OR NEVER?

KS Girl / Via Flickr: ksgirl

“Later” is not an option.

7. I told everyone I knew the way, and now we’re lost. ASK FOR DIRECTIONS OR CURL UP AND DIE?


8. My check engine light came on. FALSE ALARM OR ACTUAL PROBLEM?

CJ Isherwood / Via Flickr: isherwoodchris

You will never know… until disaster strikes.

9. Someone just held up this sign while driving past. DO IT BACK OR TAKE THE HIGH ROAD?

@thebadjenn / Via instagram.com

Whatever you do, make sure you’re not going to the same place.

10. I’m running late and the only open parking spot is reserved. ACT LIKE I DIDN’T NOTICE?

Depends on how much you like your car.

11. We’re not moving. IS THE OTHER LANE BETTER?

Getty Images / Jeff J. Mitchell

The ultimate question.

12. I just sang a different lyric than everyone else in the car. DO I SLOWLY STOP SINGING?

Sheri / Via Flickr: bellatrix6

No. Never stop singing while driving.

13. There goes the last rest stop for 20 miles. CAN I HOLD IT?

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