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ICYMI: Alcoholic Boba Is A Thing In DTLA

Boba 7, the best kept secret in Los Angeles.

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They've got tons of social media fans

Instagram: @labobatory

And they're no stranger to celebrities

Instagram: @labobatory

Boba 7 will be officially closing its doors October 30, 2016.

Boba 7 / Via Facebook: BobaSeven

"Boba 7 is very hard to find because it's in the back of someone else's restaruant. It's been a 4 year journey here; it's time for me to move forward and try to open my own boba shop." -Elton Keung, Founder & Creator of Boba 7

Elton is currently running a Kickstarter campaign to open up his own storefront.

Boba 7 / Via Facebook: BobaSeven

"I decided it was finally time to try to relocate to a new store with 100% autonomy. If we hit our goal, I will open up a new boba shop called "The Labobatory."

Here's the Kickstarter Campaign to launch Labobatory.

Elton Keung / Via

This project entitled "Raising the Boba Bar" is not only raising the capital to open a boba bar, but to raise the standards of the boba industry as a whole.

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