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    Posted on Oct 23, 2017

    18 Times The UAAP Cheerdance Competition Gave You Life

    ~ tumbling intensifies ~

    Let's be honest. In every UAAP season, the Cheerdance Competition is the much-awaited event.

    1. Mapapadasal ka talaga for a ticket.

    Twitter: @_jmterrado

    Ubusan yan ng tickets sa school and even sa actual venue.

    2. If UAAP CDC were a person, it would be Boom Gonzalez.

    ABS-CBN Sports and Action / Via

    Nasanay tayo na siya ang host.

    It became quite a shock when he didn't host last year.

    3. Remember that time when Boom had celebrity co-hosts? Well, most viewers weren't happy about it.

    Some were open naman about giving the co-hosts another chance.

    4. Solid UAAP CDC fans would know about Non-Stop:

    Twitter: @timmytheninja

    Ahhhh, good times. All teams had to include the Non-Stop Ice Cream in their performance.

    5. Ikr, how was that even possible? Ask the National U Pep Squad.

    Studio 23 / Via

    6. Well, NU probably forgot about that phase because look at them now:

    ABS-CBN Sports and Action / Via

    They have been the defending champs since 2013. Non-stop what???

    7. Their cheerleader Claire Cristobal inspired us to stay flexible despite life's challenges.

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    8. Iba din ang impact ng UP Pep Squad.

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    Every performance has a message.

    9. Even their decision not to participate in 2016 made us realize things.

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    In 2015, UP Pep Squad filed a complaint that raised concern on prejudiced scoring in the UAAP CDC results. The team finished third with UST as runner-up and NU as champion. UAAP CDC Board reinstated that results made during the competition remain valid. UP stood by its claim hence pulling out of the competition the following year.

    10. In other news, the FEU Cheering Squad has also earned our respect.

    ABS-CBN Sports and Action / Via

    Parang sila yung bibong classmate na hindi nauubusan ng pakulo.

    11. No wonder UST and UP rooted for them.

    12. Speaking of UST, can we talk about how the Salinggawi Dance Troupe can hype the crowd with just the U-S-T spelling?

    Studio 23 / Via

    13. "GO USTe!" is so infectious.

    ABS-CBN Sports and Action / Via

    14. Meanwhile, the DLSU-ADMU rivalry just won't stop.

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    Kahit bottom two na, walang awat pa din ang labanan.

    15. Kaya UE Pep Squad doesn't run out of hope.

    Twitter: @heartkneemolina

    Every year is a #REDemption.

    16. Adamson Pep Squad continues to set the trend.

    17. UP and UST are forever friends.

    18. Because at the end of the day, UAAP CDC is all about togetherness.

    Twitter: @Issaaaayy / Paramount Pictures