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    13 Childhood Snacks Both Filipinos And Malaysians Grew Up With

    Today is a great day for some throwback treats!

    1. First up, Choki-Choki and the reasons to keep these snacks to yourself.

    Reason 1: Usually, you squeeze the chocolate paste out of the plastic using your own set of teeth. Next thing you know this snack reeks of your own saliva. Ewww.

    Reason 2: The chocolate is so good, you just want to hoard a pack. That's okay.

    2. At some point in our childhood, we questioned if the thin, transparent paper that covered the actual White Rabbit candy was edible or not.

    It's rice paper and yes, you can eat it.

    3. Remember Haw Flakes? Either you would eat a stack in one go or just let each tiny piece melt in your mouth.

    Fun fact: In the Philippines, Haw Flakes are also used as mock communion wafer for kids who are about to have their first Catholic communion.

    4. When eating Iced Gem Biscuits, do you usually eat the icing before the biscuit or should it be the other way around?

    Decisions, decisions!

    5. Super Ring and Cheese Ring are like twins who were separated at birth.

    6. Wheel Crackers and Nutristar look related too you know. /

    Both have distinct shapes and salty taste!

    7. So are Kacang Puteh and Ding Dong. /

    Chickpeas, green peas, nuts—these snacks have so much in common.

    8. We all know wearing an Eyeglass Candy made us cool kids back in the day.

    Taste = Meh. Aesthetic = YAAAS.

    9. Also, summer won't be summer without Ice Candy!

    10. Roti Ice Cream and Ice Cream Pandesal are the same thing.

    We like our ice cream in a sandwich.

    11. We can't say 'no' to jelly ace especially when it's been refrigerated.

    There are so many flavors to slurp!

    12. What is an M&M when you have Smarties and Nips?

    13. Lastly, let's thank the Ovaltine Malties for giving us cavities.

    Sorry to all the Filipino and Malaysian dentists.