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Are Harry Potter Fans Taking Over The Internet?? Proof!

for the greater good...

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And there are a lot of us out there

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Harry Potter geeks can be found everywhere online, I am just one of many. You're even probably a huge Harry Potter nerd (why else would you click this article?). We're not hard to find because Potterheads tend to unashamedly broadcast their Potter pride for the entire online universe to see.

Harry Potter fans have taken over every nook and cranny of the Internet. There isn't a social media platform where we have yet to infiltrate and made our own. Whether its YouTube, Facebook, Tumblr, Instagram, or even Pinterest, we are definitely lurking there, sipping Butterbeer and correcting your Charms incantations. And we're not sorry for it.

I don't care what you think, Potter Puppet Pals is art

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Seriously though, The Mysterious Ticking Noise is possibly the first example of viral Potter media. EVERYBODY could sing along, whether you were a Potter fan or not. And, to this day, anybody can jump in on a chorus/reenactment of this iconic video.

I was a fangirl of Darren Criss before it was cool to be a fangirl of Darren Criss

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A Very Potter Musical is pure genius. Don't lie, we all tried to plan roadtrips to watch the sequel live, and freaked out when we heard Evanna Lynch was going to play Luna in the third instalment at LeakyCon.

Through music and witty jokes, YouTube provides the Harry Potter fandom with creative Potter-related video content to enjoy and share.

MuggleNet used to be my default homepage

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Nowadays, I "like" MuggleNet's Facebook Page to get all of my up-to-date Potter news right on my Facebook Newsfeed. Its a convenient way to keep up with the latest Potter scoop and fan theories.

My Life as a Background Slytherin / Via Facebook: backgroundslytherin

Along with MuggleNet, there are many Harry Potter themed pages that post daily user created content. These pages usually serve a comedic purpose, posting everything ranging from memes to hand-drawn comics related to the Potter universe.

By "liking" and following these pages, anybody can make their Facebook Newsfeed more magical.

The Land of Fandoms

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There is a popular sentiment amongst Potterheads that every second of the Harry Potter movies have been created into GIFs (that is a total 19 hours and 40 minutes, if you were wondering). This might sound crazy, until you search up "Harry Potter GIF" on Tumblr and see the never ending feed. Also, coming across something as seemingly insignificant as a GIF of Ron eating cookies, you start to believe this sentiment.

Tumblr gathers the most dedicated Potterheads for endless late nights of laughing at GIF-sets.

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When following Harry Potter themed Instagram accounts, you will also start planning yearly trips to every Harry Potter theme park or attraction in the world; The Warner Bros. Studio Tour in London, Platform 9 3/4 at Kings Cross Station, and all four instalments of the "Wizarding World of Harry Potter". To travel to all of these sites is like taking the ultimate Harry Potter pilgrimage for every Potterhead.

Potter themed Instagrams somehow magically turn your "Savings Account" into a "Money to Spend on Potter-Related Things Account".

Basically Martha Stewart

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I, for one, have failed to make anything that resembled anything like pictures on the instructions for Pinterest DIYs. Not only do my "Cauldron Cakes" look nothing like how they're supposed, I always end up with a huge mess in the kitchen. Try to replicate that, Pinterest!

Pinterest allows members of the Potter community to test out their crafty side. It also makes you want to have a Potter themed wedding.

But we're not trying to take over the world for evil, I swear

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I mean, we're all about trying to rid the world of evil and fill it with love, aren't we?

So, even though us Potterheads arrive in swarms, you don't have to worry about us being a mobilized online army. (I mean, did you even read the books?)

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