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10 Reasons Lili Reinhart’s "Chemical Hearts" Is Poised To Steal Ours

Chemical Hearts isn't your typical coming of age story. Stream it August 21 exclusively on Prime Video.

1. The film is based on the popular, acclaimed novel Our Chemical Hearts by author Krystal Sutherland.

2. Not only does Lili Reinhart star in the film, but she's also an executive producer on it.

3. As the title suggests, Chemical Hearts is rooted in the effects relationships and romance have on our biological composition.

4. Speaking of chemistry, the onscreen magnetism shared by Lili Reinhart and costar Austin Abrams is palpable.

5. The film tells the story of high school writer Henry Page and the complex relationship he forms with classmate Grace Town, a young woman haunted by her past.

6. Through its poignant exposition, Chemical Hearts manages to feel exploratory and introspective in ways few coming of age stories of the past have felt.

7. The film effectively reaches this unfamiliar coming of age territory via its exploration of love from both a personal and scientific lens.

8. And at its core, the story seeks to legitimize — rather than simplify — the relationships and struggles experienced by young adults.

9. It also takes a critical but empathetic look at how past trauma shapes our current relationships and to what extent we're truly defined by such events.

10. Ultimately, Chemical Hearts is a realistic, sensitive take on a story about the intricacies of young adult romance.

Don't miss Chemical Hearts when it drops August 21 on Prime Video.

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