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    24 Potato Recipes That Should Be Illegal

    Get back to your roots.

    1. This potato skin mac and cheese.

    2. These spicy potato tacos.

    3. These twice baked breakfast potatoes.

    4. This creamy pesto potato pizza.

    5. Or this duck confit mashed potato pizza.

    6. These hashbrown sliders.

    7. This cheesy potato spoon bread.

    8. These cheddar potato balls.

    9. These sea salt baked potatoes.

    10. These smashed crispy loaded potatoes.

    11. This waffled potato kugel.

    12. This cheesy Italian sausage potato chowder.

    13. Or this veggie potato chowder.

    14. These prawn stuffed baked potatoes.

    15. These potato cheese latkes.

    16. These Italian potato croquettes.

    17. These guacamole potato skins.

    18. This roasted garlic and baked potato soup.

    19. This tortilla Española.

    20. These potato, leek, and mushroom cakelets.

    21. This shepherd's pie stuffed potato.

    22. This chili cheese hassleback potato.

    23. These roasted domino potatoes.

    24. These spinach and ricotta stuffed potatoes.