27 Little Moments That Made Every "Outlander" Fan Go "Fuck Yesssss"

    These won't be gentle.

    1. This. Legendary. Catalyst.

    2. And the cavalier undressing that followed.

    3. OK, just every single second of The Wedding tbqh.

    4. THAT SIGH.

    5. When Jamie ate seductively.

    6. When Claire called Jamie on his shit.

    7. Like, all the time.

    8. When Jamie was actually pretty down with Claire wearing the pants.

    9. And was generally speaking pretty damn feminist for an 18th-century Scottish dude.

    10. Every time things got steamy.

    11. And every time the writers got all cheeky and were like, "Yeah, we know what you came for."

    12. (This is what we came for.)

    13. When Claire and Jamie were just really fucking into each other.

    14. But also when they ended up having feisty fights.

    15. When they were in it together.

    16. And romantic AF.

    17. Literally just whenever they made out.

    18. And definitely whenever they banged.

    19. When they got to be happy for, like, two seconds.


    21. Which led to this.

    22. ...and this...

    23. AND THIS.

    24. And when they keep finding each other...

    25. EVERY.

    26. DAMN.

    27. TIME.


    A previous version of this post featured a sexy GIF that WAS NOT OF JAMIE AND CLAIRE, HOW DARE I?