18 Excellent Longreads You Need In Your Life Right Now

    The best longform reporting, feature stories, and personal essays from BuzzFeed UK over the last month.

    1. This Is What It Feels Like To Live With An Invisible Disability – Victoria Sanusi

    2. 7 Moments Of Solidarity From Strangers – Mariam Ansar

    3. These Parents Say Their Kids Lost Their Blue Badges Because The Government Doesn’t Think They Are Disabled Enough – Rose Troup Buchanan

    4. I Went Out On The Streets With One Of Scotland Yard's Elite Gang Crime Units – Hannah Al-Othman

    5. This Is Why Men Meet For Sex In Public Toilets – Patrick Strudwick

    6. This Is What It’s Like To Be A Paramedic In London On Friday Night – Patrick Smith

    7. How Your Chances Of Getting An NHS Wheelchair Vary Wildly Depending On Where You Live – Emily Dugan and Tom Phillips

    8. Here’s How You React To Your Son’s Autism When Your Language Has No Word For Autism – Aisha Gani

    9. The Politics of Being Me – Lucy Webster

    10. Inaccurate or Misleading News Stories About Muslims Have Been Shared Hundreds Of Thousands Of Times This Year – Aisha Gani and Tom Phillips

    11. These LGBT Clubbers Say They Feel Shut Out Of The Scene Because They Are Disabled – Chris Godfrey

    12. 6 Inventions Changing British People's Lives In 2017 – Kelly Oakes

    13. This Is What It Is Like To Rely On 24-Hour Social Care As A Teenager – Rose Troup Buchanan

    14. This Is What It's Like To Be The Son Of A Child Killer – Hannah Al-Othman

    15. These Couples Say They Can’t Move In Together Because One Of Them Will Lose Their Disability Benefits – Laura Silver

    16. How "The Last Leg" Went From Joking About The Paralympics To Taking On The Government Over Disability Cuts – Matthew Champion

    17. How Online Filter Bubbles Are Making Parents Of Autistic Children Targets For Fake “Cures” – Tom Chivers

    18. This Is Why I Quit Exercise Therapy – Camilla Maxted