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    16 Captivating Longreads You Need To Check Out

    The best longform reporting, feature stories, and personal essays from BuzzFeed UK this February.

    1. Meet the Man who Stopped Thousands of People Becoming HIV-Positive – Patrick Strudwick

    2. Here's What I Learned About Myself After a Year in Therapy – Hayley Campbell

    3. How High Street Beauty Brands Are Finally Starting to Listen to Dark-Skinned Women – Fiona Rutherford

    4. This Is What It’s Like to Raise a Family in a Room the Size of a Parking Space – Emily Dugan

    5. Here's What Ruby Wax Wants You to Know About Mindfulness – Maggy Van Eijk

    6. Why I Wear Insanely Bold Lipstick and You Should Too – Gena-mour Barrett

    7. Muslims Are Defying Conventions by Falling in Love on Instagram – Aisha Gani

    8. This Is What It’s Like to Face Your Sexual Abuser in Court After Four Decades – Patrick Strudwick

    9. Here’s Why People in Their Twenties and Thirties Are Living With Mum and Dad – Laura Gallant and Victoria Sanusi

    10. Here's What It's Like to Go Bankrupt at 30 – Daniel Dylan Wray

    11. These Women Are Proof the Housing Crisis Isn’t Just in London – Patrick Smith

    12. How a Controversial Law Led to a Young Man Being Deported for a Murder He Didn’t Even Witness – Maeve McClenaghan

    13. Here’s How You Fight a By-Election in 2017 – Jim Waterson

    14. I'm a 40-Year-Old Professional and I Still Live With my Parents – Leon Walker

    15. These Brits Found Creative Ways to Escape the Housing Crisis and They Couldn’t Be Happier – Matthew Tucker

    16. How Barry Jenkins Made Magic With “Moonlight” – Gena-mour Barrett