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The Stages Of Kinitis

If you have ever attended the Kinesiology Games, you are probably guilty of one or all of the after shock reactions (known as "kinitis"), but don't worry - the other 799 of us feel the same way you do.

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1. Post-KG High


So it's the first few days after KG and you can't help singing a line of Cindy Bear in your head or cautiously carry your water bottle in your non-dominant hand in fear of having someone buffalo you; so you stare at the wrist bands you collected and wear all the new swag you got and deny that you are not waking up in a cuddle puddle

2. Feelings of Abandonment


But as soon as the realization of school sits back in, you start to feel lonely without random strangers-turned-best-friends walking in to your room at 2AM. Your body goes into complete shock from lack of Kinners telling you that you're a 12, and suddenly all the bad decisions you made (you know the one's I'm talking about) start to catch up to your body, until you're in bed sick, with no one to cuddle you

3. Social Media Overdrive


BUT then it happens.... someone addresses the kinitis. They write it in the Facebook group and all hell breaks loose. You start getting snapchats, you post throwbacks on insta, and the down-side of Kinitis becomes a mad up-rising of people planning spontaneous trips, festival meet-ups, even a Jays game....

4. 2nd-Dose-Of-High


So you go back to those warm-fuzzy feelings that beauties across Canada left with you the first time around, you suddenly have the up-lift you needed to power through the rest of the semester, until.....

5. Overdrive


The gift of the KG gods (committee) presents you with the dance videos, high-light videos, and pictures. Now you're fucked.

6. Hermit-Like


So now you're sitting in your room, watching your team nail that back-flip or shamefully get hit by a dodge ball to the face for the 100th time, avoiding adult responsibilities, until you realize you have 2 papers and 4 exams next week that you should get started on (but only after you watch the highlights one more time).

7. Realization


So you go back to boring, non-KG life. You hang out with your teammates from time to time, skype with friends all over, make guest-appearances to schools that you don't even go to, and just let the summer take you to best friends whenever and wherever it can, keeping your bracelet on your wrist for as long as your employer (or personal hygiene) lets you.

8. Relapse


But before you know it, September is here. Your team gets back together, the new Facebook group goes up, and then you realize.....Kinitis never ends.

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