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    47 Pieces That'll Make All Of Your Wardrobe Dreams Come True

    Go ahead, scratch that shopping-for-new-clothes itch.

    Unless otherwise specified, all sizes in this post are listed in women's. 

    1. A zip-front corduroy skirt that basically pairs with any old top in your closet. A chunky knit? ✔️ A sheer blouse? ✔️ A crisp white tee? ✔️ ✔️ That way, you can compensate up top if the temperatures soar or fall.

    2. An exceptionally soft cashmere sweater you can turn to on days when you feel like putting zero effort into your outfit but you still want to look perfectly pulled together.

    3. An oversized jean jacket that I won't even waste your time explaining. You and I both KNOW there's nothing more versatile.

    a model wearing the medium wash jean jacket

    4. A balloon sleeve blouse with an exaggerated collar that screams cottagecore/berries and cream in the best way possible.

    5. A slip-on clog with serious '70s flair if your style icon has always been (and will always be) Donna Pinciotti.

    6. A pair of extra-wide-leg darted palazzo pants that allow for ample airflow. It's basically like wearing a dress, but you don't have to worry about accidentally flashing anyone if a gust of wind catches you by surprise.

    7. An oversized plaid peacoat you can throw on over anything and immediately look like an incognito celeb — especially if you throw sunglasses and a beanie into the mix.

    8. A pair of Dr. Martens Chelseas which can not only keep up with daily wear for more than a decade (I attest to this!) but also add some serious edge to your silk midi skirt + sweater combo.

    9. A faux-fur purse that has enough room for your phone, wallet, and keys, and will resurface treasured memories of your favorite pillow pet.

    10. A silky satin midi skirt with a silhouette that says "chic" and an elastic waistband that says, "I'll give your most comfortable sweats a go."

    11. A crisscross backless sweater that's all business in the front but party in the back because despite the fact that you only wear neutrals, you're never one to be boring.

    12. A felt Free People hat because newsflash: Anyone can be a hat person!! All you've gotta do is pop it on your head and that's it! Fashion!

    13. A trendy oversized Reebok sweatshirt you can wear on early morning runs to Starbucks. This should be a time when you don't have to worry about what you look like, but somehow you ALWAYS run into someone you know, so cozy meets stylish is a winning combination.

    14. A chunky oversized sweater guaranteed to keep you snug as a bug in a rug even though you're a human who exists exclusively in Spanx faux-leather leggings.

    15. A handful of chunky claw clips because the youngins all over TikTok are wearing them and for some reason, you've been swayed by this. ("You" being me, ofc.)

    16. A four-in-one Universal Standard puffer with a removable hood and bottom so you can skate through late fall and the freezing winter temps without the need for more than one coat.

    17. A cropped mock turtleneck brami — AKA a two-in-one bra + cami — so you can ditch your usual underwire but still get alllll the support you need.

    18. A mock-neck tunic sweater with cuffed sleeves and a slouchy fit if you love clothes that swallow you up but in a stylish way.

    19. A pair of dainty huggie hoops *so* lightweight and comfortable, you won't even have to take them off when you sleep or chat away on your phone for hours.

    A model wearing two gold huggie hoops

    20. A tie-waist, lantern-sleeve dress with a simple silhouette made more exciting by an adjustable tie. Slip on some platform sneakers or thigh-high suede boots and you're all done, bb!

    21. A cowl-neck slip dress — woven from deliciously stretchy satin — for those looking to exude serious main character energy but with little added effort. Basically just put it on your body and go. 👍

    22. A ginormous scrunchie from Jane Dottie Vintage that'll have you postponing wash day because your messy bun has never looked better. If turning limp or greasy locks into a compliment-magnet isn't a win, I don't know what is!

    23. A pack of mesh ankle socks you can pair with all of your lug-sole loafers and '90s-esque Mary Janes. If anyone tries to tell you sandals + socks are a fashion faux pas, just show them these très chic bebes.

    24. A corduroy button-down that'll help you nail that "oh, this? I just threw it on" look that all your favorite stars have down. (I'm looking at you, Dakota Johnson.)

    25. A faux-croc shoulder bag (with an added cross-body chain) because no matter your age, you deserve to dress/accessorize like a Gen Z influencer if you so please! (Daily affirmation complete.)

    26. A pair of cowgirl-inspired western boots if TikTok has turned you on to the trend but you've struck out finding an affordable vintage pair at any consignment shop in a 50-mile radius.

    27. A layered initial and paper clip chain necklace for those who love the look of two-plus pieces, but don't want to deal with sourcing them individually. I've been there, done that, and gotta say that this way, you don't have to deal with uneven lengths or unexpected tangles.

    28. A pair of corduroy Madewell pants with a gathered elastic waist that gives you an excellent range of motion. You never know when you're gonna want to show off how well you can do the worm, after all.

    29. An oversized plaid shacket that my family back in New Hampshire would really get a kick out of cause they've been wearing them for function, not fashion (and since before I was born), but here we are!

    30. Or an even longer plaid shacket because it's FINALLY the season for lots of layers and there's no stopping you now.