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42 Silly But Delightful Purchases You Can Make For Less Than $20

Including one item that's a nod to America's favorite producer: Dick Wolf.

We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

1. A chonky seal pillow – it won't judge you when you wake up at 1 p.m. and then climb back into bed with your leftover Domino's., Amazon

Promising review: "I love him. Like all things in life he has imperfections but that’s what makes him him. He is very cute very soft. he did come in a vacuum-sealed bag but I personally don’t have a problem with that because why waste resources with a bigger bag when he can fit in a small one just fine? To fluff him up I threw him in the dryer for 15 minutes. Bam, good as new. Love it. Only bad is he’s tiny but I’m ok with that. He is loved in this home even with his uneven facial features." —Kaitlyn

Get it from Amazon for $13.99 (available in three sizes and two colors).

2. An admittedly questionable but inarguably hilarious toothpaste cap for anyone whose top four favorite movies include Shrek, Shrek 2, Shrek the Third, and Shrek Forever After.

CasualChicken / Etsy

CasualChicken is a small business based in Irvine, CA, that sells an array of unique 3D printed items.

Promising review: "My order came well packaged and on time. Gifted it to my friend and she thinks it is hilarious." —Grace

Get it from CasualChicken on Etsy for $6.99.

3. A cutesy peel-and-stick dumpster fire patch if you're looking for a way to commemorate the mess that was 2020 + 2021.

the colorful dumpster fire patch
Hot Topic

Promising review: "Yay, me in patch form! It's a smaller patch with great stitching, and thick! I was very happy to find this!" —Nicole

Get it from Hot Topic for $5.90.

4. A Dunkin' Donuts AirPod case je REFUSE to shut up about. Hi, I'm Chelsea and I'm from New England and yes, Dunks IS part of my personality!!!!!

Amazon, Chelsea Stuart / BuzzFeed

Guys, I really talk about this thing far too much, but I don't care. I LOVE how 1) It has *all* the same text as an actual cup, 2) the top looks like a legit lid, and 3) this makes it way easier to find my AirPods in the bottomless pit that is my purse.

Get it from Amazon for $8.99.

5. An imitation pimple-popping toy that's been ingeniously designed so you can poke, prod, and pick without touching your own face. Reviewers say that fake-pus-filled silicone ~feels~ like oily skin., Amazon

Get it from Amazon for $13.98.

6. A baby Groot flowerpot with the most expressive eyes I ever did see. Having a bad day? Shoot a glance his way and things are sure to turn around.

The baby Groot pot shown with three different types of plants

Promising review: "I don't write many reviews, but I absolutely had to write one for this special little guy! My wife got me into succulents not too long ago and I've been pretty addicted. I have many small pots already, but this one, this one right here, is special. First of all, quality for price is amazing! The detail is great and it even has a small hole on the bottom for drainage. It looks adorable with a small 2–3-inch succulent in it. With the one I have, it totally looks like Groot has some sick hair! I love love love it!" —Big D

Get it from Amazon for $7.95.

7. An uncanny valley–esque piggy bank that will either delight you or come for you in the middle of a sleep paralysis episode. It's really a toss-up — just don't say we didn't warn you.


The money-eating piggy bank accepts all standard change and it'll automatically open its mouth when it senses your hand.

Promising reviews: "This thing legitimately gave me a bit of anxiety when I first unboxed it. It was way creepier than expected. I think it might help me not be afraid of this one doll in my house I have nightmares about. This is much worse. I wouldn't recommend this for kids at all, but as a gag gift or interrogation tool I would say go for it." —mysticalkiwi

"Pink and horrifying. Right up my alley. I love this sucker. It sits there and judges me. It's sitting here and judging me now while I write this. 10/10 great companion, just don't get on its bad side." —Delaney Gillpatrick

Get it on Amazon for $17.99 (available in three colors).

8. A Nathan Fielder devotion candle to which you can pray for more episodes of Nathan for You. Please, Nathan — we just know you're the man to get us back on track.

The prayer candle which depicts Nathan Fielder as a disciple carrying a lamb

Chances are, Austin, Texas–based small biz Illuminidol makes a prayer candle for whatever reality TV star/pop darling/politician you're into these days. They also make cozies, face masks, and bags if your devotion is that strong. 🙏

Get it from Illuminidol for $15 (hundreds of other celebs/musicians/sports stars available).

9. An Executive Producer Dick Wolf keychain if Law and Order: SVU's iconic intro (you know — "DUN DUN") plays in your mind on an infinite loop.

the black keychain which says "executive producer Dick Wolf" on one side and "especially heinous" on the other

Lockwood is an NYC-based woman-owned small biz from Mackenzi Farquer. You can shop decor, stationery, and lifestyle goods online or five brick-and-mortar locations in Astoria, Greenpoint, and Jackson Heights.

Get it from Lockwood for $11.95.

10. A (wheeze) mug perfect for those who've been watching BuzzFeed Unsolved: Supernatural for, ohhhh, just the entire pandemic whilst working from home (couldn't be me). Now I bet you find yourself saying Shane- and Ryan-isms all day long.

the mug
Shop BuzzFeed

Get it from Shop BuzzFeed for $15 (available in white and black).

11. A hard-boiled egg holder that's poised to turn your morning meal into a knight in shining armor. Even if this Humpty Dumpty takes a fall, his protective helmet will keep him safe and sound.

Two of the egg holders; one standing and assembled, one laying down with the helmet and spoon detached

Promising review: "I bought this for my wife's birthday and she absolutely loved it! She loves whimsy and this really struck a chord with her. I put a soft-boiled egg in it and she was grinning the entire time she was eating it. As far as being 'practical'; well, what can I say, but it beats chasing a soft-boiled egg around a slick dinner plate..." —UrbanDad

Get it from Amazon for $13.99.

12. A set of The Nightmare Before Christmas–themed scrunchies if Zero is hands down your favorite Disney character and you'd like to show that fact off year-round — not only in October.

three scrunchies in grey, white, and a Zero pattern

Get the set of three from BoxLunch for $11.92 (originally $14.90).

13. A set of snail-shaped silicone tea holders so you no longer have to use your finger to fish your tea bag string out of ~boiling hot water~. These guys have it from here.


Promising review: "They are adorable!!!!! Really easy to use and work like a charm, I've given my friends some by sneaking them on their mugs and they have also been delighted! 😄🐌💙" —Hazel

Get a 10-pack from Amazon for $4.99.

14. A Richard Simmons Funko Pop that may or may not hold the soul of the semi-retired aerobics instructor. If nothing else, let it inspire you to check out his previously archived footage which now — thanks to COVID — has been uploaded to YouTube! We'll call that one 👆 tiny win for the global population at large.

The Richard Simmons figurine which is wearing a purple tank top with hearts, striped white and purple shorts, and white sneakers
Urban Outfitters

Get it from Urban Outfitters for $4.99 (originally $12) or Amazon for $10.40.

15. A collection of "catstrology" buttons if your two favorite things happen to be feline friends and star signs.

the 12 astrology buttons
Badge Bomb

Get the pack of 12 from Badge Bomb for $15 (originally $18).

16. A Jason Momoa coloring book which will give you ample time to admire the curvature of his every muscle and bounce of each beachy wave.

The coloring book cover which has Jason Momoa posed in front of a surfboard on the beach
Castle Point Books

Get it from Amazon for $8.80 or Bookshop for $12.87 (to support local bookstores).

17. A pizza mouse pad that — warning you now — may just have your mouth watering at 9 a.m.

The pizza mouse pad which has pepperonis, peppers, and tomatoes

Promising review: "I love this mouse pad! I also have a donut one at work and and I get so many compliments! Such a cute way to liven up my work space." —court

Get it from Amazon for $7.89 (available in 26 designs).

18. A Stevie Nicks air freshener because it is going to take some serious magic to get your car smelling good. I'll go ahead and start summoning the powers of the supreme on your behalf 🔮

The air freshener which is a photo of a young Stevie Nicks
Moonbug Gifts / Etsy

There's a whole lot more where this air freshener came from — that's for sure. Check out UK-based small biz Moonbug Gifts for other celeb likenesses splashed across mugs, coasters, and more.

Get it from Moonbug Gifts on Etsy for $7.55 (available in 45 scents).

19. A pair of toast and egg shakers that are almost too cute to be used as intended. Sure, you can fill them with salt and pepper, but what if — hear us out here — you were to just place them on a shelf or counter and stare at them every time you enter the room. 😍

The toast and egg shakers which have eyes and a mouth. The egg is two parts: a yolk which attaches the egg white via a magnet

Promising review: "Just couldn't resist this cute little set. It looks just like the picture on Amazon and is a good size. Everyone should buy something that makes them smile and this did it for me. So dang adorable." —Amazon Customer

Get it from Amazon for $19.25.

20. A Bob the Builder–looking saw knife with the power to cut through any cake you put in front of it. No matter how many ganache-filled layers, you won't even break a sweat.

A hand using the knife to cut through a chocolate cake

Promising review: "I get so many laughs and compliments when I bust this thing out to slice a birthday cake! I got it for my baby girl's 1st birthday party (on Halloween!), and I relish any opportunity to use it. It's so much fun! It's also lightweight and easy to clean. It doesn't take up much drawer space, and it's not much larger than a proper kitchen knife." —Heather David

Get it from Amazon for $9.69.

21. A magnetic key/glasses/whisk holder in the shape of every English villager's arch nemesis: the stealthy waterfowl from Untitled Goose Game.

The 3D-printed good holding a set of keys with its magnetic beak

If you're in search of more 3D doodads, be sure to check out Blue Hills Co's Etsy shop. There you'll find Baby Yodas, iron throne pencil holders, Rick and Morty laser guns, and more.

Promising review: "I absolutely love this lil' goose! I got the 9-inch with a base, which is the perfect size for my boyfriend's hefty key chain. The magnet is super strong but I highly recommend the base for stability of your pesky goose friend. :P" —oreog

Get it from Blue Hills Co on Etsy for $19+ (available in five sizes).

22. A dish towel that clearly and succinctly lays out how to fold the cheese into your homemade enchiladas. You just fold it in, David!

The white dish towel with a quote from Schitt's Creek's that says "Fold in the cheese"

Get it from Amazon for $15.

23. A teensy cat massager ready to win you your cat's heart or claws. TikTok cats seem to like it, but we all know how fickle felines can be.

Urban Outfitters

Get it from Urban Outfitters for $8.

24. A puffer jacket for your artisanal double IPA that was fermented in a painfully trendy Portland craft brewery and is absolutely worth the $14 you paid for a single can.


Small biz Puffin Coolers makes all sorts of cozies from plaid flannels and life vests to sleeping bags and knit sweaters so make sure you give their other offerings a look.

Promising review: "The arms are more sturdy than I thought they would be. They're handles! Incredible quality that has made two people I gifted them to extremely happy!" —Juliann G.

Get it from Puffin Coolers for $12.95 (available in four colors).

25. A lil' dumpling light to illuminate your midnight runs to the kitchen. Don't worry, he promises not to tell on you when you finish off the rest of your roommate's pizza.

The dumpling light which is small enough to fit in the palm of a hand
Urban Outfitters

Get it from Urban Outfitters for $22.

26. An epic shower curtain that shows the natural animal hierarchy at play. Let's hope my cats never come across a trident!

The shower curtain with an illustration of a cat riding a whale and holding a trident

Promising review: "Absolutely the best shower curtain purchase I've ever made. Too much fun!" —Z Czaya

Get it from Amazon for $16.99+ (available in two sizes).

27. A potato with your friend's face on it! Yes, seriously. You can send them an anonymous spud with your choice of sweet or ~ominous~ note.

Anonymous Potato

Just upload your photo, enter your potato message, and your order will be sent off ASAP!

Promising review: "I ordered a potato for my dad as part of an inside joke. Both he and my mom loved it! It made them laugh! The potato had the picture I requested on it and the exact text I asked for. Well done, great spud, 10/10." —Valerie C.

Get it from Anonymous Potato for $16.99 (originally $19.99).

28. A retro iMac stand for your brand spankin' new Apple watch 'cause the '90s are back, baby, and you're suddenly nostalgic for your first desktop computer.

The stand in pink

Promising review: "Functional and so cute! I was tired of chasing the flopping charger cord each night and this little holder has enough weight to stabilize the process. The silicone has a solid, soft feel and nice look to it and I love the aqua blue, true to the online picture. My series 4, 40 mm slips in easily. I may get the pink one just to use it as a stand for safekeeping instead of just laying the watch on counters when I need to take it off temporarily. I highly recommend it!" —Barbara, Central Florida

Get it from Amazon for $10.99 (available in two colors).

29. An under-desk foot hammock so you can kick your WFH setup into overdrive. Look, if you're not gonna have access to 24/7 free snacks, you need something to look forward to.

A model using the black foot hammock under a desk

Promising review: "I love this product... My cube neighbor got one and spoke very highly of hers. Of course, I had to test it for myself. I purchased my own and currently use it on my desk at work. As a vertically challenged person, it’s difficult to keep my office chair at a height that supports good posture without my feet dangling above the ground. This foot hammock eliminates this issue entirely... Plus, it’s super comfy." —lovesamazon

Get it from Amazon for $15.46 (available in three colors).

30. A shrimp-shaped travel pillow that will be ready and waiting in the wings for your next big trip., Amazon

Promising reviews: "Well, I bought 12 of these when I was drunk...wasn't expecting to spend $416 on a gaggle of neck pillows, but the look you get in the airport and the thanks you receive from children you gift them to is priceless LOL." —Tyler Troup

"What's not to like about this? Gave it as a gift and the look of puzzled shock was priceless. The next day, it was in use in the car. Terrifyingly beautiful!" —Eric L.

Get it from Amazon for $16.49.

31. A Baby Yoda speaker because baby. freaking. Yoda. 🥺 Yes, he's tiny, but reviewers say he's also surprisingly powerful.

A hand holding the baby Yoda speaker which is slightly smaller than a tennis ball

Promising review: "Not only is this a perfect item for a Star Wars nerd like me, the sound quality is actually pretty good! And the size makes it easy to slip into a purse or pocket to take along with you." —M. Lake

Get it from Target or Amazon for $15.29.

32. A teensy-tiny vacuum (with a legit 5-foot cord) so you can suck up all the chip crumbs on your bed before you crawl in for the night. Dorito dust begone!

A hand using the green corded vacuum to suck up crumbs on a couch
Urban Outfitters

Promising review: "I bought this to use at work because I eat at my desk and the crumbs are real. This little vac is not only cute, but it actually works too! Got the blue version and I love it. The cord is pretty generous and the noise level is noticeable but not super loud." —CherryBeary

Get it from Urban Outfitters for $15.95.

33. A peephole frame — à la Friends —that could only be made better if it came with Monica's entire apartment.

The yellow picture frame hung around a door's peephole
Urban Outfitters

Promising review: "It is perfect. All of my Friends dreams have come true! I placed this on my door. You should def go get this rn!" —madsxfriends

Get it from Urban Outfitters for $18.

34. A pack of inflatable cup holders because hot tub weather is here and it'd be so embarrassing if you didn't have these on hand for guests. I kid, of course, but try telling me your friends wouldn't love 'em.,

Promising review: "Love these!!! They're so cute and so practical! You can even put a cozy around the beer and it still fits in the holder. We haven't tried any tall cups yet, but a solo cup and a beer can seem to work great! If you have a lot of waves in the pool they could tip over...but you really would have to be working some waves because they are very sturdy!" —Jennifer R.

Get it from Amazon for $9.99+ (available in 16 designs).

35. A Sriracha hot sauce keychain so you can keep your #1 condiment close at hand because you'll be damned if you have to pay 75 cents for an extra sauce when it's SO obvious that your meal *should* have come with two to start.

a hand holding the keychain which is the size of a small hand sanitizer

Promising review: "I ordered these babies and got them so quickly. I personally love spicy and I always had an issue with getting the right amount with the individual Sriracha packets. I would go through three or more and still not get enough out. These solved my problem! I just hook them on my purse and bam 💥 couldn't have asked for a better idea. So in love with these. My friends are thanking me. :) If you're thinking about buying these do it! You won't regret it. I have two and gave my roommate one. Best idea ever!!" —Jeanette

Get it from Amazon for $9.99.

36. A sequined pillow cover that, when brushed with the back of a hand, will reveal Dwight Schrute with the face he stole from a first aid dummy. Nothing to see here!

Four images of the pillow showing what it looks like when the sequins are flipped

Promising review: "Gave it to my mom for Christmas. It sits in our recliner and greets all our guests when they come in our door. I frequently change his eyes and mouth to gold for a bit of a freaky feel. Has definitely scared me on my midnight snack trips and my mom in the morning on her way to get breakfast. Definitely worth it." —Rebecca

Get it from Amazon for $13.99 (available in three colors).

37. A memory foam baguette wrist rest to keep your arms stress-free from the time you log on to Slack to the time you close your computer for the night (4:59:59 p.m.).

A reviewer's photo of the baguette wrist rest in front of their keyboard

Promising review: "Ever want to be the source of both envy and disdain by your coworkers? Ever want to just relax on a nice, soft baguette? Now you can! I was worried this bread was gonna be a little stinky out of the package, but it actually had zero odor. It came in a super cute bag that looked just like what you'd pick up your long loaf in at the grocery! PSA: It does have a tag that says 'Congrats on your marriage' or similar, so if you're sending this as a gift, it's good to know. Overall very squishy and hilarious. Perfect for a wrist rest, or just to carry in your back pocket for emergencies." —Meg R.

Get it from Amazon for $12.99.

38. A pair of microfiber duster slippers that turn your midnight run to the fridge into a mini cleaning session. Whoops, did you spill a bit of milk while taking a bite of your cookie? No worries — just give it a lil' wipey wipe.

The pink bunny slippers

Promising review: "This must be the greatest idea since the discovery of fire! Two days in, and my hardwood is shining! And all with just walking around! Of course the quality is pedestrian (pardon), of course it doesn’t look like it was made by Versace, but that’s not the point, is it?" —Nigel

Get them from Amazon for $12.99 (available in three sizes and 14 styles).

39. A caterpillar cord organizer that will save you from having to crawl under your desk to retrieve a rogue charger.

The green caterpillar cord organizer which can hold six cables

Promising review: "He is perfect and pure and good and has never done anything wrong in his whole life. Somehow at least like 53 times cuter in person??? Also does a great job holding all my cables because of course he does. 10/10 would buy this good good boy again." —Jennii

Get it from Amazon for $9.99.

40. A tiny Jibbitz accessory to put on your Crocs to let everyone know (in the most meta way) just how much you love your freakin' Crocs.

A white pair of Crocs with a white Crocs jewel inside one of the holes
Mallory Mower / BuzzFeed

Just take it from my BuzzFeed shopping colleague Mal Mower

"Those are my Crocs! And *my* accessory of choice. The only thing better than Crocs is MORE CROCS."

Get it from Crocs for $4.99.

41. A cheeky tee that lets your friends know *exactly* what you have in mind when you hang out tonight. Molten lava cake with vanilla ice cream on the house?? Yes, please.

a model wearing a black shirt that says "wanna go to Chili's and pretend it's my birthday?"
Chromoeye / Society6

The LOLworthy design comes from Chromoeye — aka Louisiana-based artist Lauren Smith — who's inspired by bright colors, the '60s, and nostalgia.

Get it from Chromoeye on Society6 for $15.59 (originally $25.99; available in men's sizes S–XXL and in nine colors).

42. And a fun feline fruit cap for anyone who (like me) has developed an obsession with Pot Roast — a toothless, 5-pound TikTok sensation with a penchant for hats.,

Promising review: "This is by far the cutest idea! I love that this is a 'mystery box' and what you get is completely random. I think this was a melon type of hat and it fit puurfectly! My cat is rather small but the hat has a good stretch to it and seems decently made as well. If you're thinking about purchasing this just do it, you won't regret it!" —Daniel Pollock

Get it from Amazon $8.49 (each box has one of six randomized fruit designs).

You rn, I'm assuming:

Nickelodeon / Via

Some reviews have been edited for length and/or clarity.

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