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    32 Cool Lighting Options That'll Keep Your Place From Looking Like A Cave

    Whether your style leans whimsical, sculptural, modern, or bohemian, you've got options, bb.

    1. An LED strawberry night-light if your obsession with TikTok's infamous strawberry dress set you off on a longgggg road of redecorating your home with fruit-themed pieces.

    a model holding the pink strawberry nightlight

    2. A Grecian bust table lamp you can use to illuminate your space as you dive into the new period drama you just picked up. See you in nine hours, outside world!

    the grecian table lamp with a white pleated shade

    3. A beaded bohemian chandelier that is *just* the thing to dress up any tall ceilings you may have, be they in your bedroom, kitchen, or stairwell.

    4. A cheetah table lamp *some* might call tacky or cheugy, but *I* would call perfect in absolutely every way.

    the cheetah table lamp with a simple white shade

    5. A pair of brass sconces so you don't have to use your cellphone flashlight to find the remote that's lost in your duvet for the fifth time tonight. Plus, they don't require any electrical work! Just plug them in and you're good to go.

    a sconce mounted over a reviewer's bedside table

    6. A faceted chandelier that — when hung over a dining table — will make any dinner look like a Michelin-starred event. Yes, that means even your Crunchwrap Supreme will look like a million bucks.

    the faceted chandelier with a gold chain

    7. A mushroom cloche light *you* get to assemble yourself because no matter your age, there's something so magical about a twinkling forest floor — especially one you can create to your personal liking.

    the mushroom light

    8. A translucent glass table lamp that looks like something someone on Blown Away would make and I'd think to myself "Oh, I bet I could do that" even though in all reality I have a better chance at understanding string theory.

    a charcoal glass table lamp

    9. A combined floor lamp and end table if you're 1. Trying to save space or 2. Just absolutely enamored (like any sensible adult) with multi-tasking pieces.

    the lamp next to a couch

    10. A stacked table lamp that is "technically" part of Target's children's line but what's it to them if I — a nearing-29-year-old woman — were to get one for myself??

    11. A set of shaded, antique-looking wall sconces under which you can thumb through the latest copies of Elle, Marie Claire, and Vogue like the Parisienne you wish you were.

    a reviewer's brass sconce hung on a wall

    12. A ribbon pendant light that looks like something you'd admire while window shopping because there's noooo way it could possibly be in budget. Alas, it's under a hundred bucks!

    the white pendant light hanging over a chair and side table

    13. A wireless library light you can position over your impressive book collection or favorite family portrait. This thing costs less than 30 bucks but it'll transform your den into a museum-worthy exhibit.

    14. A neon planet for those whose dream home aesthetic is Pizza Planet — the family-friendly, space-themed establishment from Toy Story.

    a reviewer's neon planet hanging on the wall

    15. A whimsical origami chandelier that will flip the switch and have *you* feeling like a lil' fish in a big ol' fish bowl.

    origami goldfish light

    16. contemporary chandelier with four shimmering tiers of crystal if you're looking for something ostentatious (and I mean that in only the best way!).

    silver four-tier chandelier in a living room

    Promising review: "Perfect finishes, love love love. I decided to only use two tiers of crystals in this room and will add the third chandelier in an adjacent dining room with the four tiers. So happy" —verosa

    Get it from Amazon for $149.99+ (available in two sizes and three finishes). 

    17. A small lamp that'll softly diffuse light just like your favorite candle — you know, the one you're babying because you're not ready for it to be gone.

    18. A gold floor lamp you can click on for added ambiance while you check out what seasonal flicks The Hallmark Channel has scheduled this lovely afternoon. 

    the gold floor lamp with an arm at a 90-degree angle

    Promising review: "Beautiful and cool lamp... I love the color and the adjustable height. It really gives a contemporary but vintage vibe in our office/guest bedroom/sewing room. I was very happy to see that the base is weighted very well, so it will not tip over. We recently downsized to a lot smaller home and we needed a multipurpose room to look classy modern with a mix of vintage and global chic decor since we have modern furniture and antiques in the room. This floor lamp pulls the whole look together! Thank you so much for such a great lamp at an affordable price!" —Ducky

    Get the lamp from Amazon for $99.95+ (available in three finishes).

    19. A whimsical cloud lampshade guaranteed to softly diffuse light and makes you feel like you're falling asleep under a perfect Pixar sky. ☁️ ☁️ ☁️

    three cloud lamps hanging from a ceiling

    20. A chrome table lamp that'll take your apartment from cute and well decorated to — BAM — five-star hotel in no time.

    21. A bamboo lattice pendant light to make your breakfast nook a magazine-worthy corner. Just combine it with a bulb (also v. affordable at Ikea) and you're in business.

    the large bamboo pendant light

    22. Or an industrial-meets-mid-century modern chandelier that — when placed in your dining room — might just convince you to actually eat at the table and not on your couch.

    23. A brass floor lamp for those who can't decide if their style leans more rustic, mid-century modern, transitional, farmhouse, or art deco. This light? This light can do 'em all.

    24. A dramatic pendant light that'll draw eyes up and accentuate your incredible vaulted ceilings. (I'm not jealous...I LOVE my 8-foot NYC ceilings 🙃)

    the gold and grey pendant
    West Elm

    Get it from West Elm for $399.

    25. A set of maple leaf string lights if you love the look of the outdoors but don't actually enjoy spending a whole lot of time outside.

    26. A mid-century-styled tripod floor lamp that looks straight out of the Fifties, but is compatible with Alexa-, Google Home-, and Apple-enabled outlets so you don't have to toy with any switches — you can just tell it to shut off.

    a reviewer's brass lamp in their living room

    27. An acrylic accent lamp you can pop on a nightstand or end table in pretty much any room you see fit. It'll provide just the right light to see your TV remote so you can navigate to Hulu and pick up where you left off with Property Brothers.

    the acrylic and brass table lamp with a beige lampshade

    28. A positively cottagecore brass sconce with a delicate pea shoot design that — for the first week, at least — will have you staring up at the ceiling in awe. 

    the white ceramic sconce with a floral pattern
    Shades of Light

    Get it from Shades Of Light for $235 (available in four designs).

    29. A sculptural lampshade with a flirty, fabric-esque design that makes me want to twirl around. The irregular shape also throws light in really interesting ways!

    the pink sculptural lampshade

    30. A glass table lamp that will softly illuminate your desk and help keep your spirits up when the sun sets before the workday ends.

    The lavender lamp which has a glass shade

    31. A serpentine table lamp so dashing, your friend may try to snatch it on their way out the door. Luckily, it'd be hard to hide in a canvas tote.

    32. And a light-up Pokemon terrarium that's home to a sleepy baby Charmander. Regular terrariums are a dime a dozen — or like a Bulbasaur, if you will. But a Pokeball one? That's basically a first-edition shadowless holographic Charizard.

    the light-up Pokeball terrarium

    Your cat when they crawl out from under the bed and see there's...a light turned on??

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