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    25 Tanks, Tees, And Sweatshirts That Say *Exactly* What You're Thinking

    No (spoken) words necessary.

    Unless otherwise specified, all sizes in this post are listed in women's.

    1. A v. forward T-shirt you can wear to the office if you've been having trouble getting your emails answered. (BF shopping colleagues: If you're reading this, I promise this isn't about you! ❤️ )

    model wearing a black "per my last email" tee

    2. A TikTok-inspired tee if you spend the majority of your day scrolling your FYP and can't help but sing everything you hear...

    a model wearing a white tee that says "into the thick of it"

    3. Or, if that one's not what's currently stuck in your head, a Blink-182-inspired design for those who can't stop singing 🎵 "Jone waste yore toye monme..."🎵

    a black t-shirt with incorrect lyrics to a Blink-182 song

    4. A groovy tee that wastes no time in getting straight to the point — you need coffee, STAT!

    a model wearing the "bring me an iced coffee" shirt in yam

    5. A "New York or Nowhere" crewneck sweatshirt you can wear whenever you visit family who asks when you're moving back home. Sorry mom, not happening.

    a black "new york or nowhere" sweatshirt

    6. A Britney tee if you've been absolutely consumed by the status of her conservatorship and all the drama swirling around it. We support you, girl!

    7. A cheeky option that lets your friends know *exactly* what you have in mind when you hang out tonight. Molten lava cake with vanilla ice cream on the house?? Yes, please.

    a model wearing a black shirt that says "wanna go to Chili's and pretend it's my birthday?"

    8. A "nothing to wear" tee you can throw on when you literally don't have a single other thing to wear. Might as well just say it like it is.

    9. A "not today, satan" tee for those who exclusively think (and speak) in Drag Race catchphrases.

    the black shirt with "not today, satan" text

    10. An OOO design if you already posted it on your team cal and updated your automatic email response but would like everyone to know your status.

    11. A Ouija-inspired tee perfect for those who've been watching BuzzFeed Unsolved: Supernatural for, ohhhh, just the entire pandemic whilst working from home (couldn't be me). Now I bet you find yourself saying Shane- and Ryan-isms all day long.

    a white t-shirt that says "hey there demons it's me, ya boi"

    12. An ~aesthetic~ typography tee if your love for carbs exceeds most anything else (Hi, that'd be me! 👋 ). Like so much so that you don't even have to tell your partner what to order you for breakfast when they pull up DoorDash...

    a model wearing the white shirt which says "bagels" five times in orange and pink text

    13. A relatable lil' number that I may or may not have picked up whilst writing this list... I just love quality at-home time, okay!

    a model wearing the white "it's a great day to stay indoors" tee

    14. A get out the vote shirt if you're so extremely sick of telling people how important it is but will NEVER stop.

    a model wearing a white "vote" t-shirt

    15. A relaxed top with a message for people who stare a little too long on the street or in the subway... Like look away already!

    model wearing the white "u ok hun?" tee

    16. An "I did my best" design that's not only for others, but you, too, because sometimes we all need a reminder.

    model wearing the pink "i did my best" tee

    17. A Tahoe-inspired tee if you're trying to drop a hint to your boo that you could *really* use a weekend away...

    18. A straight-forward design that doubles as a PSA if you'd like to 🙃 kindly 🙃 remind people that yes, wearing a mask DOES still matter even if you are vaccinated. (Please, just do it, people.)

    a white t-shirt that says "wear a mask"

    19. A ringer tee especially suitable for Mondays but also basically everyday now that we've been living in a weird purgatory for 1.5 years??

    white t-shirt that says "ready for tomorrow"

    20. A rom-com top that makes it VERY apparent what you want to watch at your next girls' night.

    a model wearing the green "unlimited rom com" t-shirt

    21. A Molly Baz original if your Bon Appétit obsession is still in full swing despite your fave personalities having moved on to their own endeavors.

    a beige t-shirt that says I love salt

    22. A to-the-point halter top sure to signal that you're simply not in the mood.

    model wearing the white "over it" halter top

    23. A Friends top if you're not trying to hide that fact that you'd rather be at home singing along to "Smelly Cat" as Phoebe strums her guitar.

    a model wearing the cropped "I'd rather be watching friends" graphic sweatshirt

    24. A cutesy crewneck sweater that says "I *want* to be invited to dinner but I also likely won't come."

    beige crewneck sweatshirt that says "homebody"

    25. And a Magic Castle crewneck sweatshirt if your heart seriously aches for your one true home.

    model wearing the white sweatshirt which says "home" with Magic Castle and Mickey Mouse graphics

    You whenever anyone takes a second to read your shirt:

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