These Hilarious Tweets About Daylight Savings Time Will Make You Forget About Losing An Hour Of Sleep

    I understand.

    You probably woke up this morning feeling super disoriented.

    Person posing with hand in hair wearing a yellow top and white tee, appears contemplative, against a yellow backdrop

    It's not for no reason — it's because it's Daylight Savings Time. Already.

    Person adjusting a wristwatch

    Personally, I'm not someone who minds — I'm an early riser anyway, and more light at night means longer and later walks with my dogs. But, of course, most people don't appear to feel that way.

    In fact, people have been sharing strong opinions — and some funny ones, too — about the time change online. Take a look at their tweets below, and then tell me your feelings on it in the comments.

    Me waking up seeing the clock ahead an extra hour #DaylightSavingsTime

    — Pizza Dad (@Pizza__Dad) March 10, 2024
    Columbia Pictures / Twitter: @Pizza__Dad

    POV: Manual clock #DaylightSavingsTime

    — máy (@mayyena) March 10, 2024
    Twitter: @mayyena

    When you try to figure out how to change the time on the stove.🤦‍♂️😂#DaylightSavingsTime

    — Mike (@Ghostwalker237) March 10, 2024
    FOX / Twitter: @Ghostwalker237

    When I see a clock that I need to manually updating and see what time it really is: #DaylightSavingsTime

    — Chad (@dcfoodsafety) March 10, 2024
    New Line Cinema / Twitter: @dcfoodsafety

    Losing an hour of sleep: #DaylightSavingsTime #SpringForward

    — Own Your Masters 👑 (@ThaArchitect) March 10, 2024
    ESPN / Twitter: @ThaArchitect

    With one less hour of sleep, everyone is going to be (insert your name) the Grouch! #DaylightSavingsTime

    — Oscar the Grouch (@OscarTheGrouch) March 10, 2024
    Twitter: @OscarTheGrouch

    Time jumping from 2 to 3 in a snap#DaylightSavingsTime

    — Cortez (@Tez_92) March 10, 2024
    FX / Twitter: @Tez_92

    the people who wake up early making the most of that hour of daylight the evening just stole from them#DaylightSavingsTime

    — T (@teewatterss) March 10, 2024
    FX / Twitter: @teewatterss

    My sleep screaming at the fact that it was robbed of an hour #DaylightSavingsTime

    — 𝒜𝒹𝑒𝓁𝒶𝒾𝒹𝒶 ☭ 👁️🦋👁️ أديليد (@adellymccaffrey) March 10, 2024
    Columbia Pictures / Twitter: @adellymccaffrey

    Fuck #DaylightSavingsTime 😫

    — Brian Morgan 🎃💀👻 (@itsreallybrian) March 10, 2024
    Twitter: @itsreallybrian

    Warner Bros / Twitter: @itszaeok

    girl who’s GOING TO BE OK!!!!!!!

    — not j*ss (@itsnotjess123) March 10, 2024
    Twitter: @itsnotjess123

    we lose an hour tonight like I even had that to give!

    — B. (@barkadoofficial) March 10, 2024
    Twitter: @barkadoofficial

    Tried to screen record the time change only for my screen to go blank 3 seconds before the jump.

    GOODNIGHT. #DaylightSavingsTime

    — Nikki and the City (@thenikkiscript) March 10, 2024
    Twitter: @thenikkiscript

    Y’all we finally made it.

    Clocks spring forward tomorrow and the sun won’t go down until 7, who want something on the grill?

    — PlayboiJ 🐰 (@HeshimaSpeaks) March 9, 2024
    Twitter: @HeshimaSpeaks

    going frm 1:59AM to 3AM is a lil dramatic

    — ROYALE (@royalepains) March 10, 2024
    Twitter: @royalepains

    Just told my neighbor Good morning and it’s 12:55pm #DaylightSavingsTime

    — NupetoriousJLB (@Nver_a_flaw1911) March 10, 2024
    New Line Cinema / Twitter: @Nver_a_flaw1911

    You win this round #DaylightSavingsTime but I'll be back in the fall for the rematch.

    — Hockey Fight History (@HistoryOfFights) March 10, 2024
    Twitter: @HistoryOfFights

    Me living in Arizona not having to worry about #DaylightSavingsTime

    — 💕Luvrgurl (@Fentylibraheaux) March 10, 2024
    Twitter: @Fentylibraheaux