People Are Sharing Things They Grew Up Believing From Their Parents That Ended Up Being Totally Wrong

    "[They said] that it was illegal to drive with the reading lights on in the car."

    When you were a kid, you probably thought your parents knew everything. They were older, bigger, and had so much more life experience than you did...

    A mom and daughter on an iPad

    ...only to get older and realize that they didn't really know what they were talking about, either.

    Reddit user u/pryncessjada6 recently asked the community, "What's something your parents raised you to believe was 100% true and [you] realized [it] wasn’t when you became an adult?" Which honestly got some pretty surprising responses.

    1. "[They said] that it was illegal to drive with the reading lights on in the car."


    2. "That good grades equals success."


    3. "I was told there would be lots of people trying to convince me to do drugs everywhere I went, literally have never been offered any. That stuff's expensive."


    4. "That if I cross this bridge in the local park without an adult, the troll underneath will grab me. Turns out, they just didn't want me running off out of sight."


    5. "The ice cream man is playing music to let you know he’s out of ice cream and will be back later…."


    6. “'We don’t have a favorite.'”


    7. "Cracking my fingers causes arthritis."


    8. "That sitting too close to the TV makes you gay."


    9. "If you're nice to people, they're nice to you. Bullshit. Too many people perceive kindness as weakness and will attempt to take advantage of that."


    10. "That if you keep making weird faces, your face will stay like that."


    11. "Santa."


    12. "Drinking milk will make me taller."


    13. "That I'll never get a job with tattoos or piercings... Haven't had a problem since I started body modifications 15 years ago, and I've worked a variety of different jobs over the course of all these years. 🤷🏾‍♀️"


    14. "Going to college and getting a degree will pretty much guarantee you a good job/middle class status."


    15. "That hay bales were actually 'cow eggs.'"


    16. "Carrots keep your eyesight healthy forever, [and] bread crusts give you beautiful, curly hair."


    17. "Family will always be there for you."


    18. "When my kids were young, I told them we hadn't invented color until the '60s. That's why old movies were black and white. I had them going for a while lol."


    19. "That I will never graduate high school because Armageddon is coming. So, there is no need for college or planning on the future, including saving money. I have two kids that graduated college."


    20. "That they knew what they were doing. No they fucking didn't! We're all making it up as we go along!!!"


    Were you told any of these growing up? Did you hear something else that eventually turned out to be untrue, too? LMK in the comments below!