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    Solange — And Her Son — Responded After She Was Accused Of Abandoning Him In 2014

    "This is a lie lmao, y'all really need to get your own lives. It's sickening and scary that people sit online and do this," one fan tweeted.

    We all know Solange as a singer, songwriter, and all-around great artist.

    closeup of Solange

    We don't know her as a parent, which is why I was shocked to see people coming at her this week over her son, Julez.

    Closeup of Solange performing on stage

    Here's Julez.

    Closeup of Julez

    Solange had him in 2004 with her then-husband, Daniel Smith.

    Closeup of Solange and Julez

    You might remember she was pregnant with him in Destiny Child's "Soldier" music video.

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    She also went viral when they did this cute dance together at her wedding in 2014.

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    But for the most part, Solange has kept Julez out of the spotlight — which has, somehow, led people to think she hasn't been involved in his life.

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    One person recently claimed on X, the platform formerly known as Twitter, "Solo hasn't looked over [Julez] since 2014. She is completely disconnected from that child."

    Closeup of Julez and Solange holding hands at an event when he was a toddler

    "[Julez] lives with Angie," they continued, referring to her and Beyoncé's cousin Angie Beyince. "Without Daniel Snr. stepping in [sic]."

    Julez and Tina Knowles

    Solange responded to the post by liking a tweet that pointed out how "wild" it is for people to make up things and narratives from what they see and don't see online and in the media.

    Closeup of Solange standing in front of a table of Crown Royal

    The tweet read: "The internet is such a weird place because this sentiment being expressed based off IG comments and paparazzi pictures is wild. And this is exactly why I am appreciative of how limited she is now. Some of y'all are really insane."

    Solange at an event
    Screenshot of the Twitter post/comment

    Solange also liked a tweet that said, "This is a lie lmao, y'all really need to get your own lives. It's sickening and scary that people sit online and do this."

    Screenshot from Twitter

    Julez himself responded, too. The fan page Beyoncé Garden shared screenshots of a now-deleted post where he reportedly called Solange his "whole heart." He also cheekily posted a song by rapper Master P called "Mama Raised Me."

    It really is sad how people will make up anything. This is exactly why she and her sister rarely talk to us now.