Lamar Odom Addressed Khloé Kardashian Having Another Baby With Tristan Thompson, And NGL, His Comments Are A Tad Bit Disturbing

    I kan't with this komment.

    In today's edition of What Lamar Odom Said About Khloé Kardashian This Time, we're talking about his latest comments on her new baby.

    Khloé posing at the Met Gala in a sequined gown and long gloves

    ICYMI, it was confirmed earlier this month that she and Tristan Thompson are expecting another baby soon via a surrogate. Her rep said the baby was conceived last November.

    Tristan and Khloé side-by-side during happier times

    Recently, Lamar was asked by a reporter for his thoughts on the situation. "I don't think [they're gonna be together]," noted the reporter, explaining that Khloé and Tristan seemed to plan the baby before his recent cheating scandal, when he was revealed to have fathered a child outside of their relationship.

    A closeup of Lamar

    "Oh, he got caught cheating again?" Lamar said. "And they gonna have another baby? She could have hollered at me for that."

    A closeup of Lamar with his hands pressed together

    Lamar, in the corner now!

    But seriously, although he appeared to be joking, it's still an annoying comment to make. And plenty of people agree.

    Lamar Odom tweaking lmaoooo tf he mean khloe could have hollered at him for another baby

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    Lamar odom will not get his foot off Khloe neck lmao

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    One thing about Lamar Odom, he love him some Khloe 😭😭😭 Sir, that time is over lol

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    Lamar Odom Is never going to leave Khloe alone lmao.

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    Watch the video of the interaction here, and let me know what your thoughts on it are too!