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    Kourtney Kardashian Reacted To Kylie Jenner Calling Out Her Family's Influence On Beauty Standards

    It comes after Kylie Jenner called out their family's "influence" on beauty standards on an episode of Hulu's "The Kardashians."

    Note: This post discusses body image issues.

    Kourtney Kardashian talked about her experience with body image in a new interview with Vanity Fair Italia.

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    She said that, for her, her relationship with her body has always been positive.

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    “I have always loved my body,” Kourtney confessed. “Khloé [Kardashian] always told me that she wished she had an ounce of my confidence.”

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    Kourtney added: “At home, I'm always naked, and whoever comes around is warned."

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    But, she admits that she's definitely felt pressure over the years to conform to a certain look and body type.

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    “As a teenager, I was pressured, like everyone else, to be thinner and fitter," she said, "just as I was after having children: I was pressured to get back into shape immediately, as if there was a social expectation asking how long a woman would take to get back to how they were before."

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    Of course, her family has been scrutinized for contributing to many of the beauty standards and expectations that exist today, which Kourtney also acknowledged in the interview.

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    When asked about how Kylie Jenner recently called out their family for "setting" modern beauty ideals, Kourtney said: "If I think about it now, I understand it."

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    "I have participated in covers with that tone, like, ‘Look how quickly she got back into shape,'" she admitted. "Today, I think that idea is unhealthy, because every woman's body is different."

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    "After my third child, I refused to do them," she added. "I took my time, but I had already started a wellness journey during pregnancy and after the birth of Penelope, I wanted to convey a more positive message, without rushing anyone, least of all myself. I remember at the time, I couldn't wait to start training because it made me feel good in terms of mental health. I had a lot of anxiety at the time, I was separating from the father of my children, and training really helped me."

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    She also credited pregnancy for giving her confidence more recently: "Feeling life grow inside me is a truly special and incredible experience. It's like a superpower, but at the same time, it's a very vulnerable time, and I think when you're vulnerable, your truest self is even more powerful."

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    Some internet users have tried to criticize Kourtney for becoming pregnant at 44, but she's unfazed by their commentary.

    "Those comments don't affect me," she told VF. "To those who make them, I just say: 'How could you question God's plan?' Because that’s how I see this pregnancy. It arrived when both Travis and I no longer even thought about it, and when I had stopped fertility treatment."

    You can read her full interview with Vanity Fair here.