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    Social Media Users Are Body-Shaming Jorja Smith, And It's Such A Shame And Disappointment

    "Men have always talked about her in a repulsive way, and now they’re shaming her as though she would have gone near them in the first place. Foul."

    I'm sure you've heard of Jorja Smith. She's a talented singer and songwriter, best known for hits like "Blue Lights," "Little Things," and "On My Mind." She was nominated for a Best New Artist Grammy in 2019 and recently released her sophomore album, Falling or Flying, to stellar reviews.

    Closeup of Jorja Smith onstage

    But instead of talking about that — or literally anything else — some people have chosen to focus on Jorja's physical appearance.

    Closeup of Jorja Smith onstage

    The comments appeared to start this weekend after a video of Jorja performing emerged online. In it, she had on a body-hugging olive green pantsuit with her hair hanging loosely around her shoulders.

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    ^ This is another recent performance she did for the BBC, where she slayed.

    As the clip circulated the 'net, some trolls started criticizing her appearance. Fortunately, Jorja's fans promptly shut them down.

    Jorja Smith onstage

    So many people came to her defense.

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    Like, get a life.

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    One person called on people to "leave Jorja Smith ALOOOONEEEE. Acting like any of you ever had a chance with her."

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    Others shared similar thoughts.

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    Jorja hasn't yet addressed the commentary, but she recently did an interview with PORTER, discussing the impact of mean comments she receives online.

    Closeup of Jorja Smith

    “People comment on me a lot," Jorja, 26, said. "They comment on what I look like. I don’t search for things, but if I’m on TikTok, I’ll see comments, and they won’t be all negative but… [for example], I’ve put on some weight, which is normal because I’m not a child. Like, it’s cool. But the world doesn’t let you be cool. That’s not me being jaded, but I’ve definitely been affected by it."

    Jorja Smith onstage

    SMH. People should just be nice and mind their business.