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What Questions Do You Have For Jason Momoa?

I can already tell this is gonna be good.

It's happening, you guys!! Jason Momoa is finally doing our puppy interview!!!!

So if there's anything you ever wanted to ask him, here's your chance.

Maybe you've heard about his upcoming movie Slumberland, and you want to know what it was like working on a musical.

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Chernin Entertainment / Via

Maybe you're into the more personal stuff, like how he styles his hair, what his favorite food is, or his latest tattoo.

Close-up of Jason

Or maybe you're just super curious about what his most unpopular opinion is, or what's something about him that would surprise most people.

Jason with glasses and his hair in a bun

Whatever comes to mind, now's your chance to ask Jason Momoa your biggest questions! Submit them in the comments below, and yours could be featured in a BuzzFeed video!