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    Jason Momoa Finally Did Our Puppy Interview, And IDK Who’s Cuter, Him Or The Pups

    Jason talked to us about his new movie Slumberland, the Game of Thrones actor he'd love to work with again, his favorite tattoo, and so much more.

    You know Jason Momoa — actor, philanthropist, and all-around gem of a human being Jason Momoa.

    Jason is wearing a cardigan, eyeglasses, and several pieces of jewelry during his interview

    Well, with the release of his new movie Slumberland, we got to sit down with him and ask him all of your burning questions while he played with puppies.

    Jason with his head resting on his hand

    And honestly, it's the sweetest thing you've probably ever seen:

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    Jason shared what it was like working on the film and how his children, Lola and Nakoa-Wolf, played a role in the making of it.

    Jason says he and his daughter made up a dance to a Dua Lipa song that they did in the movie
    Jason says "We had so much fun"
    Jason Momoa with his children

    He also revealed how he got into acting and the props he’s taken home from the sets he’s worked on.

    Jason says "I'm a natural-born thief so I take everything"
    Jason says "Everything I touch and wear, I take"

    And he reminisced on Game of Thrones and shared what he'd want to do if he had the chance to work with Emilia Clarke again.

    Jason says "With Emilia, a romantic comedy...'cause I'm tired of getting beat up"

    And when he FaceTimed his mom to show her one of the pups? OMG, MY HEART.

    "Is that a Great Pyrenees?!?!"
    "Oh my God, look at that!"

    Just watch it and see for yourselves — and be sure to check out Slumberland starting November 18 on Netflix.

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