Harry Styles Ripped His Pants While Dancing At His Concert Last Night, And His Reaction Is Taking Me Out

    It's a good thing he was wearing underwear.

    Harry Styles was super into it at his concert last night when he bent down and busted some serious seams.

    A close-up of Harry

    He was reportedly performing in Inglewood, California, when he tried to do this, like, Temptations slide-out kind of thing toward the audience:

    Harry onstage with his leg raised and bent

    But when he went down, his pants ripped...right at the crotch.

    Harry onstage with his crotch area covered with an "omg" sticker

    And y'all, HIS FACE...

    Harry onstage looking stone-faced and a "Nope" sticker covering his crotch

    ...like when you realize you forgot to take the meat out of the freezer as your mom's pulling up:

    Close-up of Harry's face looking stunned

    But Harry handled it like a pro! He quickly moved his hands to cover things up before moving across the stage out of the audience's view.

    Harry onstage with his hand covering his upper thigh/crotch area

    Then he turned back to laugh about what happened, which was really cute.

    Harry onstage smiling

    You can watch the video here:


    Those pants literally put up ZERO struggle and ripped at the very first sign of tension I CANT 😂😂😂 credit to Justyn Mallo Reyes #harrystyles

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