Courteney Cox Responded To "Friends" Criticism From Kanye West

    "I bet the old Kayne thought Friends was funny."

    Courteney Cox heard what Kanye West said about Friends.

    A close-up of Courtney

    For context: Last week, the rapper, who now goes by "Ye," shared a post criticizing the show and agreed that it "wasn't funny."

    A close-up of Kanye speaking into a mic

    He was responding to a series of posts pretending to be him after his return to Instagram, including one that criticized the show that starred Courteney as Monica Geller. Ye wrote that, while he didn't create the post that said "Friends wasn’t funny," he did appear to agree with it.

    A close-up of Courteney

    He wrote: "I actually didn’t write the [post] that said Friends wasn’t funny either’ but I wish I had[.] I’d love to know who thought of that[.] I like to post comments Cause y’all [n**gas] is hilarious.”

    Ye in a jeans jacket and sunglasses

    Courteney responded to the criticism on Instagram and wrote that she "bet[s] the old Kayne thought Friends was funny." The post was also accompanied by a hilarious video of her listening to "Heartless" by Ye when she comes across his comment on her feed. Her attitude changes immediately, and she aggressively cuts the music off and leaves the room.

    Courteney in a turtleneck sweater

    Watch the video here and tell me if that isn't funny!