Former Disney Star Christy Carlson Romano Says Her Mom Encouraged Getting Breast Implants At 18, And She Doesn't Regret It

    "I've never regretted getting them done. Never once.”

    Christy Carlson Romano reflected on getting breast implants at age 18.

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    The Disney alum first shared her experience last year on her Vulnerable podcast, explaining that she decided to get them done after feeling insecure about how she looked on TV.

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    "I had body image issues after Cadet Kelly — big time," Christy confessed.

    “I had that very tight, rigid uniform on for [my character] Jennifer Stone. And I remember seeing — and a lot of times it comes up in memes — where I'm standing face-to-face with [Hilary] and I’m completely flat-chested," Christy recalled.

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    She said that as she was struggling with her body image, her mom, Sharon, suggested getting her breasts done. "She was like, 'Christy, if you want to get breast implants, I just want to let you know that's an option.'"

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    At the time, Christy's comments sparked criticism from fans who questioned her decision in light of Sharon's remarks.

    Two Instagram comments: "I can't believe your mom told you that!" and "This gave me CHILLS; you were a child and the one who suggested cosmetic surgery should have been the one to shield you from that"
    "It wasn't after Cadet Kelly it was after your mom made that comment"

    But Christy says she doesn't view her mom's remarks as a "bad" thing and has no regrets about her decision.

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    "I actually had a really positive experience throughout that process because I had somebody to talk to,” she told People magazine.

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    "And one thing I will say is that I do think that my mom walked me through every step of it, and I never felt scared about that decision," she added. "In fact, I've never regretted getting them done. Never once.”

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    Christy, who now has two kids herself, said she hopes her children will also come to her if they ever have problems. "I think that people are in denial if they don't think that young girls are talking to their mothers about this stuff," she said. "I had a really positive experience with it, and I think if my girls had concerns, they could come and talk to me."

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    “I just want them to talk to me. That's all I care about. Just keep your kids talking, because body positivity, I think, is something that was not a thing back when I got my breasts done," she concluded.

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