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    Chris Pratt Finally Addressed The Backlash To His Casting In "The Super Mario Bros. Movie"

    Fans have been angry about Chris Pratt's casting for various reasons, but also because, well, it's Chris Pratt.

    Chris Pratt addressed all the backlash he's been getting for his casting in The Super Mario Bros. Movie.

    It was announced in September of 2021 that he would play the titular video game character — garnering criticism for various reasons.

    A close-up of Chris

    Some didn't like that Chris got the role over Charles Martinet, who voices Mario in the video games.

    There were also people who just aren't fans of Chris, with many feeling that he's already overexposed.

    I am so….. sick….. and tired…….of chris pratt. for the love of god…….there are other actors

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    Then there's the fact that he won't be speaking in Mario's signature accent, which, just, like, no.

    But Chris isn't fazed by the backlash. In fact, he says he "totally" understands the concern people have when it comes to someone new playing the beloved character.

    "There’s a passionate fan base and I’m one of the fans. I get it," Chris told Gizmodo.

    "Mostly, people don’t want something like this to get screwed up. They’re precious about it. They’re careful. And I’m grateful for that."

    Chris also said previously that even though there are changes to the character, he really does think he did Mario justice with his performance.

    “I worked really closely with the directors and trying out a few things and landed on something that I’m really proud of and can’t wait for people to see and hear,” he told Variety.

    The Super Mario Bros. Movie hits theaters April 5.